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A concept sketch of a Chelgrian, from the sci-fi novel; "Look to windward" by Iain Banks
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Hiya! Nice DA! Check out mine too!..
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I have done..Im loving your monsters from lovecraft! Id love to see you do cthulhu
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THANKS!! More to come!
Been putting off Cthulhu because:
A)EVERYONE seems to be doing him and the results,however varied,do seem to get a little bit "samey"..
B)In order to do what I have tickling away in the back of my mind for Cthulhu,I am going to need more hard drive space..

His time will come,WHEN THE STARS ARE RIGHT!!! ;)
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lol Heres some incentive to start doing Cthulhu

- people search cthulhu on google
- google searches = views
- views = money
- money = hot tub and bikini models

plus he's a bad ass

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Ha Ha! You make a very strong case...;)
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thanks man. Just reading it now and was having difficulty picturing a Chelgrian, until I saw this.
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:) Thanks. Though on reflection I think the chelgrian are more muscly and longer..I may redue this
Well, the picture is based on the description of Mahrai Ziller, right? Considering that he's a poet, I think it's perfect.
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I imagined them to be a bit thinner but this looks about right!
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Thanks for the reply...aparantly not though, a lot of people said this was too thin. I read the description from the book again and yeah they are a lot more bulkier and longer. But everyone's idea differs. I think i'll have another try at drawing him.

thanks again for the comment stay tuned for more culture concepts if you're interested :)
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wow! almost exactly as i pictured them! :) Although in my mind they always seem more canine... truly epic work! An instant fave! *any more Banks/Culture?* :p
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Acually final college project is on banks character design so watch this space for more.
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Would really like to see you do a pic of Diziet Sma, or a Homamdan, Idiran or Affronter. There's few if, any pics of the Culture Universe on the net.
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Thanks for the encouragement. Ive drawn an idiran before and an Affronter [link] Sharrow was my favorite character I think i'll draw her.
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Thatnks foe that link your affronter is pretty good, though I prefer the Chelgrian. Keep it up man -looking forward to seeing Sharrow!
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I love that novel. This is a good representation. I imagined them to be wider and like fatter i guess, but it's great to see how someone else imagined them to look like.
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