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Character design of the "Affront" species from the novel Excession by Iain Banks.

A little background on the species (From Wikipeadia):
"An average adult Affronter's body consists of a floating, bulbous mass about two metres in diameter, which hangs from a frilled gas sac one to five metres in diameter depending on their desired buoyancy and which can be deflated and covered by protective plates.
Six to eleven tentacles of varying length and thickness grow from the central mass, of which at least four end in leaf shaped paddles. Many affronters have lost one or more tentacles in combat or duels. Beaks on the front and rear of the central mass cover the creature's mouth and genitals, respectively. The eyes and ears are held on stalks above the fore beak (they also have a sensor bump atop the gas sac). An anus/gas vent is located in the bottom centre of the main body. The latter is one of their sources of propulsion, though they usually 'walk' on their limbs or ';paddle' through the air unless in a hurry."
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That's pretty damn close to how I pictured the Affront. A bit more filly fins near the base of the sac, and more independent eye-stalks, but very close otherwise. Great sense of scale.
Imagined them to be smaller and more crustacean like, But great design none the less!!
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Absolutely terrifying, it reminds me of the Third Space aliens from [i]Babylon 5[/i].
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I have to admit, that's not how I imagined the affront - but that's still totally badass.
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Thanks for the comment... I'll probably draw more culture creatures. With the new book out an all.