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Just call me LAZERAnna...
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Published: December 18, 2004
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This is a vector I have been working on through this month, taking breaks in between weekends and any other chances I could get to vector it, I wanted to make something worthy, worthy of yours and everyone else’s time, something people could look at and enjoy, I wanted this to be DA material, I came about this idea while searching the pages of deviant art, when I came across a Deviation that I just had to vector, I immediately sent the photographer a note asking for her permission to use her artwork and to my luck she agreed <3, so I worked and worked, id take breaks so that I wouldn’t blow my brains out, and I work some more, and this is my final draft ......

Program: Adobe Photoshop 7
Time spent: 7 hours total
Layers: 110

Stock Reference: by ( [link] )

to all that view this, please tell me what you think.....

merry Christmas

Update. Sun. Sep.11 : FUCKING BORED. changed colors. fuck the what.
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:deviation: Great work, congrats on the DD. :clap:
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I simply adore this piece. You show the art style very well and the color scheme works very well. You picked a VERY nice picture to vector. The face expression and body language is great and by making the skin color lavender really adds a nice touch and emphasizes the expression in a interesting way. The way you did the pillow folding looks fantastic! I just love the shading done in them and the color of the pillows works very nicely with the violets and lavenders. The only problems I have with the picture are her left hand and her jeans. The left hand looks really flat and underdeveloped compared to the rest of the skin and everything around her. If you emphasized the shading on the hand it would pop out, fit the picture, and look a lot better overall. The problem I have with the jeans is it stands out too much from the rest of the composition. I think if you made the jeans duller or a light/dull/purplish blue it would have looked a lot better than it does now, and would have fit in the color scheme better. The lines on it don't fit it since you did the folds so nicely and the lines look so "sloppy" in comparison to them. If you stuck to detailed shading or maybe some subtle small cross-hatching it would have worked better than the lines. Overall the picture looks really, really good. I looked at the original picture and I ADORE the color changes you did to the pillows and to the girl. It really makes your appreciate your vector more. This piece is very well done and I really do love it. One of the best vectors I’ve yet to see. :3
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^ It really makes you appreciate your vector more.
Not "... your appreciate your vector more." DDX
My friend pointed that out and it drove me insane and made me feel like a retard, sorry. >.<'
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omg.... awesome...
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lovely colors!))))))))))))))
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the hand look kinda slimy .. the rest is awesome!:)
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aoifeProfessional General Artist
This is deadly...well done!!
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this picture is really asome!! great job!! ^___^
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Thats amazing! You did a great job! Every single detail of this vector its great... the colors, the shadows and lights, the hair,etc.

I hope one day I can do this kind of illustrations! :) (I study graphic design xD)
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VektorKunst Digital Artist
awe, well just keep working with vectors. it comes naturally through experiance. and i know you could rawk at it :D

if you ever need any help at all. im around :) <3
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im sure i will! i just need to practice

thank you :)
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jellyfishenroyaleProfessional Artist
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VektorKunst Digital Artist
your excellent <3
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theyasman Digital Artist
Ahhh.... Great job...
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VektorKunst Digital Artist
thanks a ton <333
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oh wow , i love the facial expression! :heart:
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VektorKunst Digital Artist
thanks! :D
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n.p , ure really good at it!!
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VektorKunst Digital Artist
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xeXposEdxHobbyist Traditional Artist
oh my gosh i love it! :heart: do you do tutorials??

definitely a :+fav: !!!
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