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Neowin 2.2 VS for windows xp

Neowin 2.2 visual style for Windows XP :windows:
(inspirated by neowin forum)

- 6 color schemes (6 types)

Wallpaper V.I.P. box 02 [link] by ~rOSTyk

- clicked button reworked
- group lines lighter color
- font combination changed to: calibri, tahoma, verdana

- font sizes changed
- scrollbars sizes changed
- refined captionbutton mouseover



:halfliquid: Please install fonts from this package.

:halfliquid: To use visual style You must have uxtheme.dll file patched. If your dll is not already patched, You can do that automatic with best tool for that "UltraUXThemePatcher". It can patch all type of Windows, no matter is it XP, 2000, Vista and so on. Download that tool here --> [link]

:halfliquid: Copy Neowin folder together with content in C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and after that you can chose styles under right click on desktop -> Properties -> Appearance tab.

:halfliquid: If style has more color schemes you can chose different colors in "Color scheme" combo-box.

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many thanks. best theme ever Heart 
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I try  to install on my XP but something is wrong, I cannot visualize it. I don't know why :(
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Great styles!
Thank You very much!
Hi There,

I am new, i don't know how to upload to my PC.
Please help.

sorry i cant find .theme file in the rar
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How do i download this? i havnt used deviant art for a long time and i forget where the button is.
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This is one of my faves, simple and elegant!
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It's like fusing Windows with Linux :o
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My system is patched and the theme is in the correct folder. I'm currently on a different 3rd party theme, so I know that my system is patched correctly and accepting themes. Any tips on why this one isn't opening?
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I using Windows XP SP3 and it works fine. I tried it on many other computers and it worked. Really don't know what is problem on your OS.
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Well thanks anyway, it looks great, really good work. I'll keep trying, see if I've missed anything :D
rly nice... i like it +)
Nice VS,thx so much
Thanks, very clean and crisp
if there was a black theme, it would fit my desktop perfectly.

the grayish theme still works well.

very nice theme.
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Thanks for comment. I think in next version I will add black and will do some improvement too.
I like this VS. Any chance of bordering taskbar items? Also items within the group boxes are a little too bright...any chance of making an ergo version? Thank you.
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Maybe later :) I don't have time right now for creating styles ;)
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thanks. nice work
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