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NOOTOR - nooto GTK for XP -

Last update: 24.09.2009. 22:07h
- inactive caption font is now darker (see preview)
- changed flash button for GTK version

NOOTOR visual style for Windows XP :windows:

This is imitation of original NOOTO GTK by lassekongo83 from this [link] . I really like original version for GTK, and wished it on win xp, so... I used his visual style NOOTO VS [link] as base for creating real authentic NOOTO GTK for windows xp. I call it NOOTOR (R as real nooto gtk). Thanks to =lassekongo83 for original creations.

In this remake 2 styles are included. First which has almost all parts reworked to imitate original NOOTO GTK (buttons, progressbar, tabs, scrollbars, comboboxes, captionbars, colors, etc.). And second style is very similar but with different startbutton, taskbarbuttons and progress bar background (chose it from color scheme combobox).

I hope you'll enjoy this NOOTO GTK imitation ;)

________________________________________ __________________


:halfliquid: Please install fonts from this package.

:halfliquid: To use visual style You must have uxtheme.dll file patched. If your dll is not already patched, You can do that automatic with best tool for that "UltraUXThemePatcher". It can patch all type of Windows, no matter is it XP, 2000, Vista and so on. Download that tool here --> [link]

:halfliquid: Copy NOOTOR folder together with content in C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and after that you can chose styles under right click on desktop -> Properties -> Appearance tab.

:halfliquid: If style has more color schemes you can chose different colors in "Color scheme" combo-box.

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2017 works perfect whit UltraUXThemePatcher
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It is Windows xp or 7 ? 

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Es para ambos , todo se puede con el parche :)

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wallpaper link please
Stefan1312's avatar
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Awsome VS. Tnx a Lots.
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Wall please? <3
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I really like the theme and all but I was confused when I changed the font to large it shows a different font. I dont know I just thought it was odd.
Is it possible to add my user picture to the Start menu? And how?
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It is not possible to add user picture in this theme.
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Wonderful theme! Thanks for sharing! :D
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excuse me, can someone tell me how to create a visual styles for win xp?
i want to make my own visual styles.
my English is not good at all, sr.
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This suits me perfectly, thanks for the theme :iconiamhappyplz:
bad name for a very nice Theme! I love it !
Is there any theme similar to this/exactly like this for vista?
fell in love with it so now im kinda bummed out that i cant use it.
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No :(
Vista and 7 use almost all ugly glassy themes which I hate very much :)
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