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LumenS for vista


This is my twist of Lumen VS ->[link]
I call it LumenS (S as Smooth). I sad it will looks better with rounded buttons, so I decided to do it by myself :P

What is changed? Allmost all parts except taskbar, titlebars and shell. That mean I created new standard buttons, toolbar buttons, places buttons, tabs, checkboxes, radiobuttons, comboboxes, progressbar (now animated), scrollbars (rounded), arrows on scrollbars, context menu selector (now black rounded) and many other details...
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windows 7 version please

would be awesome
PORT TO WINDOWS 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
port windows 7
very good theme, but have too pictures i don't want to see in vista: that apple style forward-backward botton and the house in taskbar
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I agree with gx28ga. I was never a fan of wanna be themes. This VS is great but I would replace the navigation keys with black orbs (similar to the default aero style) and I would put a black start orb instead of the house.
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I agree with gunboy30 transparency in start menu would be nice.I like start button, but maybe give people more than one to choose from.
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Oh forgot to mention the scroll bars I think should be a little thinner. Keep them black, but a thinner sleeker design should flow nice.=)
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OMG, it looks G R E A T.
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the original was great but as far as i can see you made it perfect ;)
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konachno normalan skin za glupu vistu :)
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Really sober, really nice! ;)
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Really awesome. A version with a Windows-Flag as Startmenu-button would be great :)
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I planing to change startbutton, something like black windows flag will be ok.
Original Lumen, Address bar in IE is black. I think it's a bug, can you fix that? .And one more thing, could you please make an another version with the default font (SegoeUI) because Thai font size of Tahoma looks very bad in explorer. Sorry for my language. :)
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I'm really new in vista skinning :) I will try to fix it.
Maybe make some transparency in Start Menu would be nice!
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You know what would be great,if you make version with black taskbar!Black taskbar fits good with any wallpaper but the original one have that problem with light walls...I tried to do it but fonts in taskbar are black and i couldn't change them soo...It would be great if you do it.
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Black taskbar is problem cause active button is black (plz see preview).
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Yes i am aware of that problem,i changed taskbar into black but fonts remained black,than i tried to fallow instructions to change them with hex editor but faild...
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Will this have transparency like sweatyfish's original, also is there anyway of making ieframe.dll to match the browseui.dll. It would be much appreciated to get internet explorer to match in. I like some of the changes. sweatyfish is one of my favorites. You seem to take something good and make it better. I'll will wait for finish product.:headbang:
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The style has transparency, I just turned off transparency for this preview, but originally it is on.
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