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Last update: 01.03.2008. (added 4 color schemes)

Hi, I'm so glad to present You my new creation inspirated by Stefankas cerebro for Mac OS X->[link] . Port to Win XP by 326MICHIRU -> [link] . I call this one Cerebro-AquaSCD.

This is my try to make funny VS with futuristic look and all proper mouseover effects on all clickable elements.

On preview You can see horizontal shellstyle which gives You more flexibility in usage of explorer, cause You can see folder tree and shellstyle at the same time. Shellstyle is dynamic and it changes state depending on contents.

In package are included modified wallpapers Halve_Ripple -> [link] (in resolutions 1024x768 and 1280x1024), visual style and shellstyle, and LookClosely_by_sanfranguy.jpg original wallpaper.

If You like my icons and toolbar grab this -> [link]

I hope You'll enjoy AquaSCD.
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I like it, the only ugly spot is the font of the "start". It looks really 80´s Sci-Fi. The apple looks better, but who wants fruits in the system? :)
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Yes, you have right. Apple looks better. I just wanted to make some different button but at that time I had no idea for better :D
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I´m glad that you make changes after 2 years.

How about a minimal Windows logo like in this VS?
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That's very good idea, but I'm currently on win7 :\
Maybe I can make it if you really need that style :)
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its very nice, but im getting bored with OS x thees...
Hey!I really love this VS! This is what I've been looking for a century now!Hehe By the way I featured you in my screenshot you can view it here.

Thanx! and I hope there's going to be more VS's sooner coming from you.
nice it
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Featured at [link]
fosho4's avatar
Looks really slick.
Thanks for the great skin!
dlab's avatar
Nice work. I dont like the "start" font but all the rest is really nice. Thx
Mazayko's avatar
bad mod of cerebro =( and u dont have permission i think....
vekanoid's avatar
bad mod? did you tried this one? this is much better then original. try it you'll see. I was just inspirated by cerebro...
very nice, wish we have more colored version, thanks
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It is in the plan.
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The start menu and the list is black It'll be better if it had the same color as the hole style other then that this theme is great thanks! :)
vekanoid's avatar
On that way maybe style will be little boring :D This like is more futuristic :P
echo615's avatar
can you make the shell of location in left ?
vekanoid's avatar
Maybe, but not so soon :)
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Very nice :) Im glad to see a Mac type skin without those ugly blue scroll bars.
vekanoid's avatar
sure, on this way it looks better
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Finally~~~ Someone made a VS with Mac Style without the Apple Logo on it ^_^ Good job and peace...
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I hate thet apple on windows too. But in style are two versions, with apple and without apple :)
wanderer03's avatar
Yeah, I know.. Thank you for the VS.. I'm using it right now on my office PC :D
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