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A new begining

By Vejza
Old work ;)
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Watching this makes me feel somehow relieved... such beauty covering up the mess humans left behind... really love this theme. Great work!
bvcastilho3D's avatar
I have a 3d work on the same theme: [link]
But from a more distant (and low resolution) point of view.
TaGFiR's avatar
Your work is incredible! Great! Please, give us some more hints about it. Did you just cover the mountains with houses or drew the houses on top?
TaGFiR's avatar
I am just so crazy about how perfect this wprk of yours is. Can you please highlight more info as to how you have been creating this masterpiece? Putting some building elements on top of the rocks and paint over with brush? Do us all a favor, please...
mxte's avatar
Have you read Niourk ?? ^^
timonza's avatar
guess Agito-kun was here :)
Ludo38's avatar
Very impressive... It may be your best work... The bright atmosphere gives a clear and peaceful mood to this landscape of abandon and death.
The details are really amazing... I love that !
Truly Amazing!!!
LezardGrafik52's avatar
beautiful inlay work
azizjon's avatar
OMG!! no words!!
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nvn5719's avatar
classic..........hats off
TaniaGarvin's avatar
Really awesome work, its a new beging so believable!
MoonlitxReverie's avatar
How the hell did you make this? Like what software, what techniques?
Nils-Iver's avatar
Yes! it reminds of this movie which name i dont remember where earth decayed all human made things after humans was 'erased'
d415izmyne's avatar
Awesome and Inspirational...i hope to get my skills on this level one day
digital-fluids's avatar
PS... unless vue was used?
digital-fluids's avatar
I like this. At a glance it's pretty photo real and very believable. Must have been super high res because I can't quite tell how much of it was done except pixel by pixel!
Gurei-Kitsune's avatar
It took me a minute to realize what I was looking at. Very very well done.
lordoffog's avatar
BEAUTIFUL WORK!! well done!!
Destro2k's avatar
that is just sweet :)
Sergey-Lesiuk's avatar
what programs are you used?
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