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Ucogi - Single at Valentine's Day (ver.2)

That's the alternative version of my last deviation
Just in case you didn't get the joke ><

Btw, Ucogi is now on facebook!
Go and like her! xD
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I'll take either or, to be honest...
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Sometimes there is no right or wrong :)
not ucogi, igocu
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are ucogi and igocu  the same person?
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No ;P
Hard to explain but igocu is an imaginary entity.
who is igocu?
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I got the joke, but it's still fun to see this version.  A closeup of Ucogi's chest is always a good thing.
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I'd like a hug.
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Clever and awesome!  Well done.  *Hug!*  Hug 
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I wouldn't mind a hug this Valentine's Day from Ucogi! Heh heh!
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:D (Big Grin) Now I understand :D (Big Grin) 
I searched the meaning of "jugs" in the dictionary (I know a little english).

Shocked I too want jugs hugs free  :hug:
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Hehe, I'd could use a hug, but I get plenty of those from my OC Talia, glad to see another holiday Ucogi.


:iconme3humanmalesoldier::iconsaysplz:"NICE WORK!"


Also :iconsnugplz: to my Talia. I wouldn't mind one from Ucogi though, ehehehe.

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any links/images of Talia? :)
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Oh plenty!


Just in that folder on my profile.

X )
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hahaha free jugs....for water...and stuff.... >.>
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I see it xD
Love it
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