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Nude Ucogi playing cards!

After a lot of demand, I present you the Nude Ucogi Fairy Deck!
You can get it here:…

The deck is based on "FairyDeck" found in the Flash game "Solitaire Quest".…

Check all the Ucogi card games >>>

And don't forget to like Ucogi on FB!
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Evodolka's avatar
know what
that costume is actually very well designed it's cool :D
(even without the boobs hanging out)
Veinctor's avatar
Thanks, there is a version of that image with the boobs covered
Evodolka's avatar
your welcome
and alright now i can look at a well designs outfit WITHOUT being judged :D
JH22783's avatar
Wow 0_o So huge
ilovebender's avatar
i can't get, i don't have credit card
Veinctor's avatar
If you have paypal.. that works too ^^
VioletVixenPro's avatar
Great to see some new artwork from you, and I owe you some promised Pumpkin Girl fan art!
Veinctor's avatar
haha! I cant wait!!! :D
VioletVixenPro's avatar
At the very least you'll be seeing the sketches before the planed final illustration, but I'll alert you either way. the lack of a nose and a very thin waist intentional on Pumpkin Girl?

I like it, but just have to be sure. Also, any character profile for the Pumpkins?
Veinctor's avatar
The lack of nose and the thin waist was kinda intentional. I wanted her to look a bit weird, like a Halloween character of some sort. All the other MoGi were too conventional so I wanted her to be different. I think she was one of the last MoGi I designed. I don't have a profile pic of her, only her usual 3/4 face which you have already seen. I assume her face is normal apart from the lack of nose.
soulSmith1's avatar
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