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[$] Adopt #9 (closed)

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hewwooo i return!
Decided to try something a bit new with an adopt i had whipped up :3
This time ive provided a full kind of reference sheet for the adopt, plus a portrait, item + pallette!
Hope yall enjoy this ^_^

A bit of lore idea i had while drawing them which you can choose to discard or keep
I imagined them as a person living by a cold, seaside fishing village. killing monsters/seacreatures  to keep their town safe, as well as scouting the shores for valuables to sell at the somewhat nearby, larger city.
The larger city being a trade hub, thanks to its harbor, where many folks and ships meet and many stories of far lands are told. folks from the surrounding villages may take shelter here in case of bad weater or creature attacks. (which are quite common in these lands)
Theyve lost their eye during an attack of seacreatures with burning cold magics. 
They are headstrong, cunning and determined.

SB: 100$
MI: 3$
AB: 165$

Owner: @Hellacious for 165$

Auction ends 24 hours after last bid!

Once purchased you will receive the following images/files:
The DAversion, DA version without text, front view standalone without bg, portrait standalone without bg, walled standalone without bg


Feel free to comment/DM for any questions! 

- Payment through paypal, payment due within 24 hours  (unless payment plan!)
- payment plans are ok for the AB! Note me to discuss!
- youre allowed to gift, trade, or resell the adoptable for what the original price was (aka whats listed here on the original sale here! regardless of wether or not you bought it/paid for it)
- please dont hide any bids/claims! Let me know if you need to withdraw via comment or note~ 
- no commercial usage! Personal only 
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oh thank you so much! feel free to send me a note with your paypal for me to invoice you * w*