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One Man With A Gun



I've been on a socio-political journey for the last year, and I decided I'd begin putting things out there once more.

The quote was by Vladimir Lenin, and exemplifies why pacifistic ideals remain unrealistic. There will always be someone willing to pick up the gun if you won't. And unless you hold no fear of death - and I know the majority of the world does - that presents an obvious dilemma.

People will bring up how Ghandi's peaceful protests freed India from British maltreatment, or how Martin Luther King Jr. changed America's perspective on racial relations with his nonviolent marches. And I urge people to look at how the works of those great ideologues has impacted those same societies today: that repression still exists, but as a result has become more subversive, harder to detect and confront, and, even worse, have been perpetuating more the same in every subsequent young generation.

I'm not an advocate of people blindly buying firearms, or shooting up their schools. Rather, I encourage citizens to understand all forms of weaponry. It is understanding that encourages respect (and respectful usage), understanding that allays warrentless fear. The 'bad guys' of society will get their hands on firearms regardless of whether they are illegal for normal citizens. Don't they do the same things for drugs?

For perfectly functioning societies that practice this idea, we can look to our Swiss neighbors - where almost every young man participates briefly in the national military, and at the cessation of his services, is gifted with the rifle he trained with. How many countries have invaded the Swiss since the 1900s? What are the levels of their violent crime? How invasive is their government?

And, at the current rate of legislation, how long is it before, in your country, the only people who do have guns are, ironically, the government and the bad guys?
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That's why everybody should have one!!!