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TissueBox-v1 by veggen TissueBox-v1 :iconveggen:veggen 0 0
you didn't make me. we're the same.
Sometimes I awaken with a shard of glass in my hand.
Sometimes there's a picture of their carpenter on it
...and sometimes it's lodged into someone's throat.
"But you were never right", I said.
Given enough time, I could recreate the universe
using nothing but your facial expressions.
"You were never right", she replied
"but being wrong just the right number of times amounts to the same thing".
I would touch you if I could.
The absurdity of the act could nourish me for centuries.
"You have the eighth day", she smiled precariously
"I did promise you that"
And yet we both know...
:iconveggen:veggen 1 0
Splinters and glimpses
I caught myself!
Ha! The fool was unprepared.
There he was — chasing his own tale!
But I need the mirror to stop.
How dare it frame me when I dare to grow!?
Oh... I can't have a complete...
They just roil in my mind (is) a boiling coiling of serpents!
I need it to stop.
Or not.
Or knot?
All... for naught.
Or the ecstasy of a slice?
When. The knot's undone the mirror.
Alexander did it.
And the fairies were all there.
:iconveggen:veggen 0 0
Ocean Elf by veggen Ocean Elf :iconveggen:veggen 0 2
I am...
I am...
...Gazing at sun
as it loses the light,
...opposing the darkness
that settles in...
...facing a loss
i never stood a chance to fight,
...desperately looking
for hope within...
...Afraid to face
another day,
...dreaming of nothing but The End,
having no words left to say...
...losing the touch
with the place where i stand...
...Not able to have
thoughts of forgiveness,
...feeling nothing...
but emptyness...
...Losing memories
of things i've had,
...forgeting the way
of life i've led...
For bright tomorrow
every night i pray,
but still i can feel-
...i'm fading away...
:iconveggen:veggen 0 7
A Gothic Romance
Unbound I walk in cold winter's night,
among graves wrapped in misty veil,
to a dear tomb bathed in crimson light,
that holds dead beauty of your face so pale.
Your open grave roars at my life outworn,
in the last prayer to your Lilithian soul,
as your slave again to have me reborn,
by your side eternally to let me crawl.
Killing you, I thought, would set me free,
but I'm full of this freedom, sick of  this bliss!
On this side of your grave, I must not be,
please, end it all with a deep, vulture's kiss...
I offer my throat for a nocturnal feast
in desperate tries my sin to redeem,
by invoking your primal, carnivore beast
I awake you from your night-frozen dream.
I care about nothing but you to nourish,
my heart's sweet flesh, your favorite dish,
warm nectar form my veins lustfully drips
over your tormented cruelty-lined lips.
Embraced we sit, obscured in a shade
hiding my act. In the wild dance of the blade
I cut limbs open and bleed myself dry
to see the spark of desire stre
:iconveggen:veggen 1 4
I have had a boundless dream...
I was standing on a rock, all gloom and grim,
when I heard the call of beast within
my spoiled soul thirsty for sin...
Quickly I found my helpless prey,
overwhelmed by wish their blood to spill,
to God I was thankful on that day,
for this could quench my need to kill.
With wrath of fiend, infernal ferocity,
I fed on their fear as I drank their blood!
For the unholy pleasure of this atrocity,
I simply left them, lying in mud...
I walked up the path in my boundless dream,
by some dark and misty stream...
Pleasant thoughts were in my mind
of rivers of blood I've left behind...
Proud I felt for I've done that deed
for no hate, lust or greed,
but deepest pleasure to acquire
thus to fulfill my untamed desire...
Now as I slowly lose the steam,
thinking of this dear strife...
Strange is this boundless dream
that some dare to call 'the life'...
:iconveggen:veggen 0 2

Random Favourites

Yeeees, come on in. by Invi51bleAlice Yeeees, come on in. :iconinvi51blealice:Invi51bleAlice 1 0
I am a crack
I am a crack
A thorn in the side of perfection
a mockery of the obsession for precision
I am the sex child of Mother Nature and a World of Stone
The decrepit of Earth wriggles within my belly
Time is my elder and Age is my lover
a tale of experience
I am a line on the sidewalk
a shallow bed for the growth of things rather forgot
I am a fault line of tectonic plates
a cause of worry and concern
I am the missing a piece of a tomb
The break in the foundations of man
whole buildings have crumbled in my presence
I have seen great cities and gobbled them whole
Many a man are employed to fill me and silence my cry
eternally questioning
The opening of womb
The babe’s first breath
a parting of lips
The first utterings of love
A secret bound
and breaking the chains of heart
Daring to play my game of Push and Go
A forbidden though
mentality’s release
A chance
A crack
:iconnostalgic-reveur:nostalgic-reveur 2 2
-Unspoken- by PeteMohrbacher -Unspoken- :iconpetemohrbacher:PeteMohrbacher 2,327 130 Lord Seth - Storyboard by Sayda Lord Seth - Storyboard :iconsayda:Sayda 8 2
Goodnight melodramatic world
I will shut my eyes on the plays you perform
This is my refusal to accept your petty procedure
This isn’t a goodbye
              Simply a goodnight
Until a morning where I am able to deal with your teenage drama
And misguided opinions
           I’m not sorry for leaving you here
Your lips drip poison
            And mine sarcasm
This combination is one too deadly to continue
So goodnight melodramatic world
        Until we both grow up
And learn the key to chemistry
       So that we may live without causing burn victims
From our epically proportioned battles
Until then our passion for mixing words into deadly concoctions must be put on hold
Goodnight melodramatic systematic world
Until we
:icontantamont-to-music:Tantamont-to-Music 2 4
Dead Cat by plushrooms Dead Cat :iconplushrooms:plushrooms 1,210 125



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