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Page 60 Run From It

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Last page I updated (before 4 years of absence)>>>[link]

YAY 60th! and FINALLY more BULMAS MOM!(?)
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oh god Mrs. Brief xD
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AnimalAmelia16Hobbyist General Artist
Yay sure big forehead!! :D
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nekochanartHobbyist Digital Artist
Bulma's mom has a nice altfit ^_^ LOVE it :D
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dbzfangurl47Hobbyist General Artist
LOL!!! 'Big, strong Vegeta and his big forehead'!!!
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NimElfHobbyist Writer
Omg Bunny...
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DarklinksminionHobbyist Traditional Artist
"after all,you'bve got that big,strong vegeta and his BIG FOREHEAD to watch over you!"


pfffffft hahahahahahahaahhaahhahahahahaahha!!!!!!!!!!!

god love that part!!!!
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JamDiggetyHobbyist General Artist
Thus... in those 7 days, Trunks was formed. I... I could be wrong, but this is my comment for now ;)
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Bulma's Mom is the greatest!
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LOL "And his big forehead to watch over you" I live that line XD
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Bulma's mom is quite the MILF.
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VEGETApsychoHobbyist Digital Artist
"why honey, i don't see a sandwhich with that beer!"
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Hahaha you did so awesome on her mom!! I love the expressions and the outfit! :heart:
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Bulma's mum :eyes:

also...hoho alone timez
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Heh heh "Big forehead" reminds me of the episode when the GR blows up and Bulma's father says "Everything is brused but his eyebrows" (something like that) anyways LOL
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Vegeta's forehead. XD
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