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By Vegeta897
This is a really bizarre flash animation.

It's only 2 minutes long.

My inspiration to make it came from something totally random I envisioned while staring at my computer, which is featured in the movie.

I had originally intended it to be a huge project, as it has this mood/tone that I've been wanting to make a flash movie about for years. But I simply can't take on something that huge, so it's been sitting incomplete on my computer for a while but today I came up with an idea for a final scene and wrapped it all up.

The music was the last thing I added, so it's a little rough cut. The music is from recordings of me and a friend, Hokey, jamming some ambient together (with a program called Ninjam that lets you have a virtual jam session over the internet).

Youtube version: [link]
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Onraedt's avatar
Love this animation. It's just so well made and strange. In a good way of course!
Vegeta897's avatar
Well thank you! That makes my day. And thanks for the watch :)
ScorpyX's avatar
lol - great horror stuff
liamslackofsurprise's avatar
lmao that was the coolest thing I've watched in ages xD Proper made me go :O when his head was gone.
Sareth-Waldrouk's avatar
Besides the utterly bizzare randomness, I thought you drew that person (probably yourself?) very well actually haha xD
Vegeta897's avatar
Yeah it's me, I actually just traced some webcam snapshots :p

I can't draw people very well. What you see in my HL:FLC animations is about as comfortable as I can get.
Sareth-Waldrouk's avatar
Oh yeah same :\
I like to draw my characters pretty realistic but only up to a point where I just can't get it anymore life-like, not enough skills :c
So they still kinda look cartoonish
I thought your animations were pretty cool :D
I'm actually surprised to find a Flash animator that loves the Half-Life series o_o
kevandjus's avatar
You need to get to The Chive more, me thinks...
Mul's avatar
You're a weird guy, veggie.
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