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HL:FLC Part 3

Half-Life: Full-Life Consequences
As animated by Vegeta897
Part 3

This is the third and final part of a silly animated version of the fairly-well-known fan fiction "Half-Life: Full-Life Consequences"
There was a YTMND made by Blind51de, where he narrated the story. I took this sound clip and made animation to go along with it. This is the final part, three of three.

There is a Part 3 looming around that is in a similar style (graphics ripped from mine) but I want to make clear that it is NOT mine. THIS IS THE REAL ONE.

I put a lot more work into this one than the others.

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]

All 3 in a youtube video! [link]
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amito-fo's avatar
Cool film :D (Big Grin) 
dO-rine-'s avatar
hehe funny
i like the story and also caracters they have something manga in their expression and i really like it
X-XAnimaX-X's avatar
This is good. Too good. Even better now that I've found it here instead of the valvetime boards where the files died.
The-Psychid's avatar
Please tell me you know where you got the audio for this. :iconimsorryplz:
Emburazon's avatar
lol that was weird xx
Trelewis3's avatar
OMFG LOLOLOLOL You are an EPIC win of a person! Here, have a fav! :D
Awesome saucem, MOAR NAOW!
anarchemitis's avatar
Gorden Freeman looked and said KNOAGH!!!!
RideFire's avatar
Aaahahaha :D
Awesome tribute :D
system509's avatar
that was brilliant dude all the images made what you were saying even funnier.
Vegeta897's avatar
I didn't do the talking, nor did I write it, but thanks.
system509's avatar
but all the stuff you drew made it funny. The GMOD version i saw on youtube was good but this was funnier.
Mike2468's avatar
And now for Quarter-Life. :iconimhappyplz:
Mattox33's avatar
I am amused by your antics.
Vegeta897's avatar
That's nice to hear :)
ReturningDragon's avatar
And he pointed up to the top of the sky.
(That's a long arm.)
MrRobot's avatar
i dunno man, that was really effin sweet im all for HL: FLC Part 4
Ophiguris's avatar
just watched this whole thing, absolutely loved it xDDDDDD

Love all the little spelling mistakes and such being made fun of too ;P

good job =]
Vegeta897's avatar
Ophiguris's avatar
Oh, very well done...
darkhoodness's avatar
Hahaha, so you're the guy who did the animation to the YTMND thing. :D

Awesome work. :)
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