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HL:FLC Part 2

Half-Life: Full-Life Consequences
As animated by Vegeta897
Part 2

This is part two of a silly animated version of the fairly-well-known fan fiction "Half-Life: Full-Life Consequences"
There was a YTMND made by Blind51de, where he narrated the story. I took this sound clip and made animation to go along with it. This is part two of three.

Drawing/animation style is goofy and quick, I'm not looking for criticism on that.

There is a Part 3 looming around that is in a similar style but I want to make clear that it is NOT mine. I have begun working on Part 3 but it is currently not finished at time of this post.

Part 1: [link]
Part 3: [link]

All 3 in a youtube video! [link]
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Heard screaming like Gordon = SILENCE XDD That was hilarious. I really like this animation, many compliments :D
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great stuff
This was dont on Gmod by the actual creator and plot maker... You is not a creetar! You are bee zombee goasts!
Vegeta897's avatar
Not sure if serious.
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Oh, my, nuggets! That fan-fic was done horribly (so much spelling and grammar error) but it's so funny!!! :lmao:
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brilliant :D
his face when he says "BECAUSE YOU ARE HEADCRAB ZOMBIE" is hilarious
Kansheera's avatar

YOU did it! I had no idea you were on dA XD
You sir, are an inspiration to us all :salute:
Vegeta897's avatar
Heh, it's funny how this animation has gotten around so much, after just posting it on a forum.

It's really nothing special...
Kansheera's avatar
"Nothing special"? XD Are you joking? XD

It's pure gold =p
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You've inspired me to continue working on part 3 :)
Kansheera's avatar
Have you done it yet? >_>
Vegeta897's avatar
Sorry *red with shame* I'm busy with other stuff. Big update to my webcomic that I gotta finish. So sorry!
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It's ok, I shouldn't push the artist anyway XD...
I'm just dying to see the rest ;_;
Kansheera's avatar
I feel so honoured D:

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