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UntitledChapter 8, The Nugget Bridge (Part 2)
Seth found the scrap of paper and entered the number into his pokegear while Micah started to tell Timmy their story; he told him all about their parents and the war, along with how they met Slate. Meanwhile Seth dialed the number and waited for an answer. “Hey, is this Slate?” Seth asked after someone answered the phone. “Oh good, I was just making sure. This is Seth; you met me and my buddy Micah at the fair.” Seth said. “Awesome, have you started training?” Seth asked as he gave Micah a thumbs up. Micah continued telling his story while Seth talked. “Oh really? We got a late start; we finally hit the road about four days ago.” Seth explained. “Were just outside of Cerulean City on Route 4, we’re headed to Pewter City.” Seth said. “No, we’re actually going there to meet the Gym leader’s dad. Bill told us that he breeds Pokémon and that we should go get one from him.” Seth explained.
:iconvegeta88:vegeta88 3 1
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Micah Hanbury
United States
Current Residence: Canyon, TX
deviantWEAR sizing preference: my size
Favourite genre of music: rock, metal
MP3 player of choice: I-Pod
Shell of choice: Alligator Snapper Carapace
Skin of choice: big thick scales, or bare skin
Favourite cartoon character: Hitmonlee, Vegeta
Personal Quote: The best way to quit is to never start.
First of all, when you think of a snake you shouldn't try to attach emotions to it like a mammal. Snakes can't be "Domesticated" like mammals; they have a small brain that lacks a frontal lobe (the seat of good manors). The frontal lobe is responsible for many functions, and due to the lack of this section of the brain snakes lack the ability to perform these functions.

The frontal lobes involve the ability to recognize future consequences resulting from current actions, so negative and positive rewards will not affect their responses to certain stimulus. Snakes are more animalistic in a way, unlike mammals they don't (can't) think about the consequences to their actions. The frontal lobe gives you the ability to choose between good and bad actions and reactions (or better and best actions and reactions). So while you and your mammalian friends may put thought into how you act and react to stimulus, Snakes do not. They will simply act and react to things based purely on instincts.
In humans and other mammals the frontal lobe will override and suppress socially unacceptable responses, but snakes cannot and will not discern what is socially acceptible. Dogs and cats can learn not to beg at the table, or scratch at the door, ect. They can learn this not only by receiving negative and positive rewards (like discussed earlier), and they can also learn from watching other pets who teach them what is acceptable or not. Again, this is not something a snake can do. Finally, the frontal lobe determines similarities and differences between things or events. So, without this section of the brain a snake is (for the most part) unable to tell the difference between person and another. So snakes don't get attached to one person over another, they don't love you over your friends like a dog will. so do not be mad at your snake for the way it is, you shouldn't get mad or hate a snake for the things it cannot do.

Through proper (and frequent) handling you can earn their trust by presenting yourself as neither predator or prey. If you are not a potential threat and not a potential food item than they will tolerate you, building up that tolerance level is the goal. Its all about understanding body language.
There are some very simple tells that you can pick up on that will help:
    Things such as tensed muscles, you will generally be able to see this tension through obvious striation of the horizontal muscles that will be on the inside of the curved parts of their body (these muscles will flex and create curvature in the snakes body), most notable in the neck. Ideally you want a snake to be relaxed and calm, if they tense up in the head and neck area you can usually be certain that they are uneasy or stressed. However, this is not to be confused with movement in snakes that have to move by serpentine motion.
    Dilation of the eyes can also be a tell. In a normal, non stressful situation in well lit areas a snakes eyes should have small pupils. But if they are stressed or uneasy their pupils will dilate (open up wide, sometimes to the extent of overtaking almost the entire eye). This will be done to pick up more light in order to catch movements and other visual cues more easily. This wily eyed look is brought on by stress or predatory responses. But at night or in poorly lit areas they will always have dilated eyes (so will you).
    Duration and frequency of tongue flicking is also a good one. Long slow flicks of the tongue are a very good indication of stress or anger. They will flick the tongue out and keep it out for several seconds without withdrawing it, curling it over the top of their mouth for a few seconds and then curling it down over the bottom of their mouth. Ideally you want a snake to do quick frequent flicks, this is done out of curiosity of their surroundings.
    The last one I will mention is quick erratic movement. When a snake reacts to your touch by whipping or flopping away from it quickly as if it is painful it is obviously not comfortable with being handled.  A comfortable snake will not react to your touch, or will welcome it. They will want more of their body to be supported and take advantage of any perch you offer by draping as much of their body on it as possible. Ideally you want to be an extension of their natural habitat, be a perch to sit on rather than a predator who is grabbing them. Use open hands to treadmill a moving snake, not grabbing them and impeding their movement.

So, are different types of snakes quicker to develop tolerance? In a way; yes, there are different types that respond differently. Obviously venomous snakes are hard to handle enough to build up this tolerance, but some individuals react pretty well to handling. Some snakes can develop a good tolerance to handling, but take a long time to do so. Good examples are large constrictors, it is essential to develop this sort of tolerance with snakes that will get big enough to potentially kill you. Reticulated Pythons and Green Anacondas in particular tend to have bad temperaments, but can become very handleable if they are handled frequently while they are small. If you wish to keep a large constrictor that will become potentially deadly and wish to use it as an education animal or simply want to handle it when it is big, it is essential to handle them and build up this tolerance while they are small.
Venomous snakes pose the same danger of being potentially deadly, but it is far more dangerous to handle them frequently so it is hard to get them used to being handled. It can be done, but it is far better to find an individual with a good temperament who doesn't mind being handled than to try and handle a bitter until it gets used to it.
Slower, more lethargic snakes like ambush predators (
pythons and boas in particular) tend not react as strongly to stimulus. Instead of lashing out and biting at everything, they tend to have more patients and allow much more handling without getting stressed. More active predators (like colubrids and the like) react quickly and often very strongly towards stimulus, making them more likely to bite. But all snakes are different and each has their own personality, they can differ greatly in attitude between individuals of the same species.
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  • Reading: what im writing
  • Watching: my fingers ( I type with them)
  • Drinking: water


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