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Anybody who grew up in the 80's has probably heard this song by Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin). This is one of my favorite songs ever and I just found this video on youtube. It's straight 80's cheese featuring waves of grain and break dancers...I love it! If you want to check it out follow the link.…
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I forgot how terrifically cheesy that video was. Oh, the shameful Eighties....
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Haha I love it...such an interesting the song is beautiful.
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One of the best songs with minimal lyrics... it's more about the groove and the feel than the meaning which is completely contradictory of his days in Led Zep. Back then they had meaningful lyrics. But I guess this one IS all about the melody.

Break dancing makes no sense, though. This isn't really a break dancing type of song.

By the way, have you ever heard "Darkness, Darkness" by Plant? If not, you reeeaaaally need to check it out, man. Really. Talk about a haunting melody, and the lyrics remind ya of his glory days as the singer in the best band of all time.
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Thanks for commenting on this...I found the break dancers a little out of place but still chocolate covered bacon! I'll check out that song too...
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Hmm, chocolate covered bacon, ya say? An interesting sounding combo.

Back in school when we had french fries (every day) and chocolate cake, I would use a fry to scrape up some icing onto it... tasted way better than it sounds.
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Good times.
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great song! but ohh... the ... tube... songs.... /cringe!
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yeah its not the best quality for sure!
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lol i can't type, i meant the tube socks LOL
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