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Here's a forums.cgsociety.org/showthrea… to my DW4 entry...please drop buy and leave me some feedback!

I got my ass kicked in the Dominance War once again...I'm going to quit drawing and doing art for good now...I'm just not cut out for this(JOKING). On top of that I didn't even make the top 50 in the Good Vs Evil contest! I am humbled, which is always a good thing, it keeps you hungry, motivated to improve, never satisfied. I learned alot participating in these contests and it's good to see so many talented artists doing their thing...very inspiring! I'm trying to make some changes in my life, I want to devote more of my time to postive action...improve my life, my family and my art. I'm sorry for not posting on a regular basis...I feel guilty! Most of the art I do anymore is for clients and can't be shown until published so the art just isn't fresh anymore. I still need to show you guys though...

Thanks for all your comments and feedback! It really keeps me motivated and positive. I was going through an old skethcbook and found some Bruce Lee quotes I wrote down so get ready for a little jeet kune do:

"To desire is an attachment. To desire not to desire is also an attachment. To be unattached then, means to be free at once from both statements, positive and negative. This is to be simultaneously both yes and no, which is intellectually absurd...However not so in Zen." Bruce Lee  

Oooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm This quote reminds me of the book "The Power of Now" in that our focus should constantly be centered on the moment in front of us and free from the internal voices judging...Anyway, sorry for getting all deep on ya guys. Been in a reflective mood lately...hope all is well with all of you and have a great summer!

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Well, there's a chinese saying of "一山还比一山高", which literally means there's always a mountain taller than this one. I feel that for art, and for that matter of fact all other types of skills, there's always an infinite road ahead in terms of personal improvements.
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Bruce Lee is epic (not was... he still EPIC)

His quotes have a especial place in my life too.

Keep up the awesome work!
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I have entered in quite a lot of contests yet and there is one fact that I just realised.... never enter a contest if you want to win - it's always just for the practise and the improvement - as you said too :) I am going to check out your dw4 pic I am sure it's great, keep it up
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Yep. your entries very insanely good, shame on their side if YOU did not make it :D
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No shame in not winning against that crowd: some freakishly amazing stuff there. Your entry was fantastic, too, and doesn't stand out as "less good" than most of what's there. SO rock on.
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Thanks man, I shall!
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lol its ok, i fail epicly at contests. everyone does at one point. dont feel down.
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Thanks for your support!
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Well, at least you still have both your arms.....has nothing to do with the subject we're on right now, but that's always a plus side having both yer' arms....
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Yeah it could always be worse! Thank God I still have my money maker...
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Counterfitting, nice.
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My hand silly!
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Your pictures were among the best ones I saw for the contests. The judges were probably just stupid :P
No. but seriously your stuff was awesome, keep it up.
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Lol thanks man, the winning entries were all amazing!
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sometimes, it's really hard to do justice to everyone who put great effort into a big contest, I guess - especially, if there are so many participants who all deserve to be looked at, but there is just no way to give recognition to everybody;

I know very well that it's really easy to lose interest in contest if it doesn't show off, but I guess you shouldn't see it as a total lack of skill - sometimes it's just a matter of luck to match the taste of the judges
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Thanks for the different perspective and insight, very true!
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dont get too distressed... I have 200 rejections from companies for my work :) at least you have clients heh.. humility is a good thing to learn I think.. keeps us as you said.. hungry for more and to keep putting out the best we can
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Thanks chief! Humility is a great motivator!
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this things happens man, and you feel really bad when this happens, i have lost tons of battles in the first round, sometimes judges dont have same taste as you.
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Thanks man, I was just feeling sorry for myself and needed some support....Thanks for being there for me bro! I'm afraid I won't be able to make the Con this year but have a good time!
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hahah strange me either, last time got a bit sad when i was at the con maybe i was a bit tired, hope we can meet next year, finally started to understand painter and values, soon i will be at your level
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