6 Year Anniversary!

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Hi everyone! It's hard to believe I've been on DA now for 6 years...I remember making my first post and how it felt to get some feedback, I was hooked! It's also been about 6 years since I went digital with my art...I've learned a lot but have only scratched the surface.

I want to let all of you know how much I appreciate your comments and support. I also want to apologize for my lack of new art to show...I'm so far behind on my deviantART responsibilities! I have 1,296 deviations to check out and 1,562 messages waiting for me! I used to be on top of it everyday...I want to get through all these before I post some new art or I'll never catch up. Please be patient, I'll be posting some new shit soon!
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Congratsulatios :clap: can't wait to see more art from you :D
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6 years? That's awsome. Here's to another six more hopefully. I think you're an awsome artist :)
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Damn!! 6 years of one of the greatest concept artists ever!! Congratulations man! Let the freakish mind of a creature creator guide your way into future crazyness!!!!!
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Thanks man, I shall!
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You rock Mike, you are so talented but also so modest and down to earth. We love your work here in South Africa!
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Thanks mate, I would love to come see South Africa someday!
Rainb0wC0nd0m's avatar
Congratulations on being 6th year member of Deviantart! I'm sure we all missed you when you weren't around for awhile. At least we know you're doing good, no? :B
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Im doing good...it's been a tough year though...lots of personal drama. I'm hoping this next year gets better!
Rainb0wC0nd0m's avatar
Oh yeah I know what you mean about personal drama. Those will come and goes. Im sure next year will go a lot better. Finger crossing for you!
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6 years eh? Going 3 years for me :) I'm feeling newbie-ish! haha!

Post more art please... ignore messages/deviations for now. Post post post!
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Thanks! Must ignore....Post more hahaha!
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congratulations.in marriage terms it would be your "iron" anniversary(i think).
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My 3 year Anniversary is coming up in my Marriage...I think it's leather? Thanks!
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Congratulations :) Looking forward to this 'New Shit' you mention.
VegasMike's avatar
Thanks and coming soon!
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happy anniversary ;)
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:rofl: That's a lot of catching up to do mate! Good luck and happy anniversary!
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Happy Deviversary.
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VM, i remember the first time i saw your work on the recently submitted and i was completely impressed, it was original to me and i love your style, all those messages and comments are extremely well deserved and im definitely looking forward to seeing some of your new stuff ;) grats on six years!
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Thankyou! I think the best is yet to come. :)
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Six years huh? Make you feel old?

Good luck trawling through all the messages :P
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