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I'm guest hosting a Creature of the Week round over at This weeks topic is "Frontline Assault Beast." Click the link to check it out and join!…
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I finally have a website! Please visit for any art requests!
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Too anyone who cares...I'm not one to blog or twat much, I'm not even on twitter! I rarely read anyones journals anyways...I guess I've been too wrapped up in my own personal bullshit to care. I don't want to get too personal but I've been going through a very rough stretch in my life over the past few years...I lost my way. I started to go downhill personally, financially and spiritually. I began to drink heavily to escape my reality, to escape the only made things worse. I wasn't addressing the situations that bothered me, I was in denial, denying my deepest thoughts and feelings.My Marriage just wasn't working. It hasn't been all bad, sometimes there were good stretches but those times were positve oasis' in a negative desert...too few and far between. I've been Married for over 3 years and I'm sad to say we are getting a divorce....this is the last thing that I wanted to happen but it's for the best. We've both learned a lot, experience is always a good thing and I don't regret a thing...I'm glad we tried. The struggles I've been dealing with have led me to neglect my art(deviantart responsibilities)and fans. I'm sorry. I have been blessed with a gift and to neglect it is one of the worst things I've ever done. I promise once things settle down that you will see more art and better art from me...I want to spend the next year concentrating on my art/ a better portfolio and maybe try getting hired on some where...I still love working from home but learning from better artists in a creative environment would really be good for me. For the first time in a long time the future doesn't seem so dark...I finally feel like Im back in control! I'll need your support over the next month or so while the divorce gets finalized so please feel free to show me some love and support ;)! Everything is gonna be is good! Stay strong brothers and sisters.
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Hi everyone! It's hard to believe I've been on DA now for 6 years...I remember making my first post and how it felt to get some feedback, I was hooked! It's also been about 6 years since I went digital with my art...I've learned a lot but have only scratched the surface.

I want to let all of you know how much I appreciate your comments and support. I also want to apologize for my lack of new art to show...I'm so far behind on my deviantART responsibilities! I have 1,296 deviations to check out and 1,562 messages waiting for me! I used to be on top of it everyday...I want to get through all these before I post some new art or I'll never catch up. Please be patient, I'll be posting some new shit soon!
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Anybody who grew up in the 80's has probably heard this song by Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin). This is one of my favorite songs ever and I just found this video on youtube. It's straight 80's cheese featuring waves of grain and break dancers...I love it! If you want to check it out follow the link.…
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Epic FAIL!

Mon Jun 15, 2009, 10:06 PM
Here's a… to my DW4 entry...please drop buy and leave me some feedback!

I got my ass kicked in the Dominance War once again...I'm going to quit drawing and doing art for good now...I'm just not cut out for this(JOKING). On top of that I didn't even make the top 50 in the Good Vs Evil contest! I am humbled, which is always a good thing, it keeps you hungry, motivated to improve, never satisfied. I learned alot participating in these contests and it's good to see so many talented artists doing their thing...very inspiring! I'm trying to make some changes in my life, I want to devote more of my time to postive action...improve my life, my family and my art. I'm sorry for not posting on a regular basis...I feel guilty! Most of the art I do anymore is for clients and can't be shown until published so the art just isn't fresh anymore. I still need to show you guys though...

Thanks for all your comments and feedback! It really keeps me motivated and positive. I was going through an old skethcbook and found some Bruce Lee quotes I wrote down so get ready for a little jeet kune do:

"To desire is an attachment. To desire not to desire is also an attachment. To be unattached then, means to be free at once from both statements, positive and negative. This is to be simultaneously both yes and no, which is intellectually absurd...However not so in Zen." Bruce Lee  

Oooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm This quote reminds me of the book "The Power of Now" in that our focus should constantly be centered on the moment in front of us and free from the internal voices judging...Anyway, sorry for getting all deep on ya guys. Been in a reflective mood lately...hope all is well with all of you and have a great summer!

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Dominance War IV

Tue Mar 24, 2009, 2:06 AM
Here's a… to my DW4 entry...please drop buy and leave me some feedback!

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Hi friends! I'm trying to land a gig with a Videogame company as a freelance concept artist/character,creature designer. I want to use this opportunity to improve my skills and to motivate myself to realize my goals. The character I've chosen is an Abomination/demon...Please follow the link and leave me some feedback:…
Thanks and take care!
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Sat Feb 14, 2009, 8:20 PM

I was overwhelmed with the amount of interest in this position! I don't have the time to respond to everyone who applied so please accept this journal entry as thanks! I will be contacting the finalists in the next couple of days via email for further instructions. Thanks again for your interest and take care!

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Thu Feb 12, 2009, 1:58 AM

I need a good artist to help me on a variety of projects. You will be paid on a per project basis. This is a part time position. YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER UNLESS YOU ARE REALLLLY GOOD!



Projects will generally be souvenir and tourist related. Basically you will be assisting me with MAGNET ART! Your work could be on the fridges of thousands! Payment details and specifics will be discussed after selecting the assistant. Serious workers only!

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Meet me in San Diego

Sat Jul 12, 2008, 1:03 AM
Comic Con 2008
VegasMike is Adam Vehige

Hi everyone. I wanted you all to know I will be at Comic Con this year! My first con...I will be at the Udon booth on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so come say hi to me! My real name is amazingly not Vegas Mike or Mike Vegas! VegasMike is just a stupid nickname I got one drunken night in Boulder, CO...long story. My real name is Adam Vehige, pronounced Vay-Gee, with the -Gee sounding like the Gee in McGee. Everyone messes it up! I will make sure to have my AKA on my name tag just to be sure I don't miss anyone...So please come by and say Hi, I will have some of those SF2 Tribute Blanka posters for sale that I can sign for ya. I look forward to seeing anyone who is going!

Take care all!
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Starock Weekly Challenge

Sat May 31, 2008, 12:36 PM
2D Rock-off Contest #1 - Veggie Undead

Hi everyone! My good friend, Andrew Hou "nJoo", is holding a weekly contest!  I encourage you all to join in and have some fun! I've already got an idea for my Veggie Undead, Muawhahaha! Below is info from nJoo's journal, for more info please visit the link:…

The Starock Challenge is a weekly contest divided into 2 categories, 2D Rock-Off and Starlite Photo, rotating between photography and 2D art, each challenge lasts 2 weeks.

I'll be doing the 2D concept challenges, visit `zemotion for info on the Photograph challenge.

Every 2 weeks a new 2D Challenge will begin, with a different topic/theme each time. Each Challenge will run for approximately 10 days. In which all the entries will be posted into one Journal for deviants to view and comment.

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Cintiq 12wx

Fri Dec 21, 2007, 3:35 AM
Got mine last week!

Hi everybody! I decided to take the plunge and bought the new Cintiq...Got it last week. It's very different from using the regular tablet as you can draw directly on the screen...I'm still getting used to it! I can tell that it will have a big impact on my art from here on out. The sensation of working directly on the screen is very intuitive...It's like having a digital sketch pad!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for all of us!

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Hi everyone! I'm pleased to announce that HeroCard-Orc Wars is almost ready for retail! I worked on this game for most of last year and its awesome to see everything coming together. I was responsible for just about all of the art from tokens to box art and its very rewarding to see the final product. I will be posting some of the art from the series soon.

Here is a link to Tablestar Games - Orc Wars website:…

Check it out and let me know what you think!
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Happy New Year everyone! I want you all to know I'll be creating a new DA account strictly for self promotion...Basically Vehige Studios on DA will be my temporary link to all prospective clients for my services until I get an official site up. I'll be taking my best work from my personal gallery and improving/updating the art for my portfolio. I've learned a lot about digital art over the past 3+ years and I want to bring it all together this year. I'll make another announcement and link you to the site when I get it together.
I received a phone call today...I didn't get to the phone on time so I went to listen to the message and it was from Blizzard! They wanted to verify my address and congratulate me on winning the "Best Warcraft 2D Character"! I immediately called back to verify and the lady congratulated me and told me to expect a package on Monday...I stood in disbelief and then ran outside to tell my family I won! Unless someone is playing a cruel joke, I have won the secondary prize package and I am stoked! I didn't want to say anything till it's official but I had to tell somebody!! I am honored...I know there was a lot of good art submitted so I consider myself blessed. Thanks for all of your well wishes and votes of confidence!

Vehige Studios

Fri Jul 7, 2006, 9:43 PM

Hello to everyone who is reading this...Please let me explain my lack of new artwork. I've been super busy with Vehige Studios and some secret projects...On top of my regular duties I'm doing art for a card game called "Orcs and Elves" and I'll have a ton of work to post when its all done! I have also signed on with to produce the avatar age progressions for the female Blue Dragon which I'll be posting soon too...So things are good here at Vehige Studios, BUSY!
I'm looking forward to more freetime so I can create my own visions to share with yall! I just wanted to let you all know I'm not slacking yo! Stay tuned and thanks for all your support and comments!


Creature Cards!

Mon Dec 12, 2005, 12:51 PM
Vegasmike's Creature Cards! Collect em' all!

Hi folks! Happy Holidays and all that...I want to let everyone know I am expanding my print selection and adding a new series. "Vegasmike's Creature Cards" will feature original creature designs with a black border that has the creatures name/description. They will be printed on 4x6 Postcards and 4x6 prints ranging from $4 to $5. The first in the series is "The Canyonmaker" which I just recently finished. I will be adding more creatures on a regular basis and if you have a specific creature request send me a note!

In addition, I will be adding a few more illustrations to the prints account...Bullfight will be next. Unfortunately I can't sell any fan art for obvious copyright reasons.

I hope all is well and take care!

"Vegasmike's Creature Cards" make excellent stocking stuffers!

Vehige Studios Update

Thu Nov 17, 2005, 11:46 PM
Hi everyone!

Just wanted to fill ya'll in on everything...After six and a half months of working for myself I'm pleased to report everything is going great! Ive been so damn busy, which is a good thing, but I miss the free time. As most of you know I got a gig doing dragon art for which has lasted almost 6 months...The last project being the Elder Wyrm, however we will be doing more next year. Besides that Ive done a few little boring projects here and there but the extra money is good!

I moved into my first house in September...Vehige Studios now has an official room to itself! It's got hard wood floors so I can roll all around and it has red walls. I'll post a pic someday...In August I asked my girlfriend to marry me and the wedding is set for next October! Needless to say, its been a very busy 2005.

I actually sold a couple prints!! I only have one print available at the time because Im too lazy to mess with it, but look for more of my work available soon. Thanks to every single person who leaves me a comment, I may not get back to most of them but I love everyone, keep them coming.

Once again, I am available for freelance work to anyone who may be interested! New Years resolution: Get Official Web Site And Self Promote!!! Happy Holidays from Vegasmike to YOU!

Be Excellent to Everyone!
There's no way I can get back to everyone who left me a comment so I want to tell everyone thankyou! I appreciate the feedback and love seeing all the new names watching me now...I hope to keep you all entertained!

I just ordered Painter 9, cant wait!

Even though my picture (Leap of Faith) was a "print of the day" and a "daily deviation" I didn't sell one damn print! Am I asking too much $? I need you all to be honest...I basically added $10 to the initial fee so I could make $5 a print. You only make 50% of the mark up and thats only after you buy the print account. I can print high quality prints on glossy paper from home for alot less! Sooo, if you want one just let me know! I have a feeling not too many people buy prints on deviantart.

Later everbody!