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W-Wing Tie Fighter

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It looks like the Upsilon class shuttle a little bit.
ChoonLasty-Ghost's avatar
As I saw the movie yesterday, I did see this kind of TIE. I also like how it's drawn there, love the effects of the explosion.
NickMaster64's avatar
ha i guess both of us are in the star wars hype :3
Althric's avatar
This is a really cool concept with the execution to match.
Worgen's avatar
This is so much better than the TIE Striker that's going to be introduced in Rogue One. I wish they'd have used this design, both in that and in place of the TIE Defender in Battlefront!
MusingStar's avatar
<3 <3 <3 The force is strong with you ... Star Wars fan here too!
gryphons-aerie's avatar
MightyMoose's avatar
Man, your stuff is awesome! I was going to enter this and did all the sign up, then forgot to activate my Artstation account in time... sigh
CeeMarcuS's avatar
Cool design although by naming convention standards Letter-Wings are usually used for rebel ships
Fooled-Trooper's avatar
True. So any ideas on naming it? TIE-Shrieker? TIE-Mynock?
CeeMarcuS's avatar
TIE-Impeder, TIE-harasser
Stigmartyr762's avatar
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