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Undead Dungeon Master

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He was sent as a one man wrecking crew...the finest warrior of the Giants, sent to kill the Monarch who had destroyed their home and family. Little did he know that the Monarch had set up a trap at the entrance to his chambers. As the giant reached in to snatch the Monarch the trap sprung severing his hand. The giant assassin was captured and cursed to the undead, sentenced to spend eternity as the castle's dungeon master. He is sustained by the souls of those he keeps in his stomach cell.
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Does this Dungeon Master have a name? If not, then I'm gonna call him:


wow wish to add that to mine army!
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creepy and cool art work.
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That`s a pretty nice concept :D !
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Ahhh is like a flesh golem. Very interesting :devilish:
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As someone that is currently creating a tabletop RPG, your art is giving me loads of ideas. It's just so amazingly detailed and creative. I love it. Thank you for the awesome art.
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O___O He has people coming out of his stomach. That is awesome.
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So added to my Favorites.. I love the evil demented feel of it.. A++++
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would be ironic if his stomach was full of poor souls you had to free but the only way to defeat him in order to free the poor souls is to burn him alive like a wicker man.
ПРОСТО СУПЕР. ищу художника. мой адрес:
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This is one of the most hideous things I've ever laid eyes on, and that's just the quality to have for an undead dungeon keep. I'm absolutely in love with the concept of his stomach cell. Just gruesomely, beautifully symbolic and hellish. I dig the bellyring lock, too :D
That is so good <3333 I can't even process
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:D He's got the Freddy hand!

~Nice job!
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awesomely disgusting :)
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Totally sick and scary as hell itself!
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Keep up the amazing work man love the bright detailing :ahoy:
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Whoa, your art just keeps amazing me. Great work you did there!
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I always love the back stories for your creatures, they have so much depth :D
Also the piece is wonderfully done :)
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So much awesome!
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Your art is amazing.
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Damn dude...Need I say how cool this is? Alright, I guess I will. Top notch. ;)
Coincidentally, I'm doing the character challenge at the hub right now. Almost as gross as this.
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