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The Great Crab Dragon
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Published: October 2, 2006
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The Crab Dragon makes its home on Monster Island and cruises through the upper levels of the jet stream to locate its favorite prey, elephant. The Dragon plummets from above and forces the herd to scatter in fright with a low frequency roar only the elephants can hear. The Dragon will then pick off the lone stragglers and come back for more till its had it's fill. The locals have reported whole herds dissappearing into the belly of the beast in just under an hour. The translation of the african word for the beast is "The creature who came from above."
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CheetahgemStudent Artist
Nice design!
I would use this for once.
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AntonPhibesProfessional General Artist
I love this piece!
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SkilynxHobbyist Artist
Great design and back story. 
ShadowSketch91's avatar
ShadowSketch91Hobbyist General Artist
awesome design, would love to battle this bad-ass in MH >D
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"So, how was your day?"
".....I hear they make a cream for that"
GreenDragon3's avatar
I love origanal creatures like the ones you do
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HardCoreCrocomireStudent General Artist
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CaptRedJackHobbyist Artisan Crafter no no no no NO dear sweet fluffy god no. Why does it roar if only it's prey can hear? what a horrible horrible creature. I would like to sign up to be first in line for none of this please.
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GetsugaDanteStudent Digital Artist
Haha I love how these 2 guys are like:
-Hey, Steve look that giant dragon like bug that could crush us like ants and not even notice just ripped apart another elephant like 10 meters from us.
-Ahh yes the baeuty of the cirlce of life.
and not a single fuck was given that day:)

Seriously tho really good work, but I still think they should be at least a little bit concerned:).
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holy shit, this is epic :)
1001dan's avatar

Elephant: *walking around then sees a giant dragon a inch away from it*


dragon: FOOODD!!!!


Elephant: HOLY SHI-

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"See? There it is again. We're going to have to call an exterminator, it's eating all our elephants."
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AriaNycyusHobbyist General Artist
Thats a very unique and cool dragon!!! Cool :)
Flaminino300's avatar
Very, very, very original.
Ragerancher's avatar
Looks like something I made in Spore :D
SecondWhen's avatar
SecondWhenHobbyist Writer
Good lord, that thing is massive. I hope its cold blooded and doesn't eat all that often
Shidyk's avatar
ShidykHobbyist Writer
Cool. :D
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sucks for the elephant
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A-NolaHobbyist Artist
so damn cool

reminds me a little of megakabuterimon and skullgreymon from digimon like they had a vey scary bigger child that we are all thankful it eats only elephants hopefully.
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Dragonsrock4everHobbyist Writer
hey... that looks like my pet.... WAIT MIN-
dammit you crebin get bacck here!
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this totally looks like Destoroyah from Toho's Godzilla vs. Destoroyah! Except not. Very cool concept!
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AWESOME! I finally found it.
I found this picture in a demoivational poster awhile ago. The caption is: RANDOM ENCOUNTERS "See that? There it is again. We're going to have to call the exterminator. It's eating all our elephants."
It's great I found the original!
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