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Star Wars Moment 2

This image is my submission for the ILM Art Department Star Wars Challenge. The object was to create a new story moment using the original designs from Star Wars IV-VI. My new story moment was:  Leia has come to Jabba's palace to rescue Han. When negotiations fail she finds herself face to face with the Rancor. After evading his moves she manages to climb up his back. She places her hand upon the Rancor's head and uses the force to take control of the Rancor's mind. The Rancor destroys the cage leading to Jabba's throne room and grabs him from his toppling throne. The Rancor lets out a roar at his former master and then bites his head off, throwing the body to the floor. Leia then uses the Rancor to make her escape.
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Love the idea, love the execution!

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Excellent scenario! 👍

The only problem is, such Jabba is such a worm, wouldn’t he eventually regrow his head? 😱😋

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Honestly, it would be poetic justice for Jabba to get eaten by his own Rancor.

dude he'd be so full he wouldn't have to eat for like 6 months

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Draw one where the rancor eats Jar Jar.
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And Malakili still cries. Nothing's changed.

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Need Luke Skywalker to save the day? B***h please, Leah Organa does it better!
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 Oh dear, this could have been quite a twist, I like it :D . Also, the quality of the drawing is superb.
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oh man if only this really happened in the movie. Jabba really did deserve this...for putting his hands on leia.

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So many cool moments that could have happened in the movie.
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This is utterly awesome and I wish it had been what happened in the movie!
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That's poetic justice! Jabba gets destroyed by his own pet!
If anybody remembers the Redwall Abbey series, in one of the books, (Mariel of Redwall) the villain meets his end by way of his own pet as well!
I'd protect him and be his bestfriend
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Payback's a bitch, isn't it?
If you a looking for a different perspective on the Rancor, you might want to check out this short story.…
The Rancor keeper crying after it gets killed is played for laughs in the movie. But the background story of that scene is heartbreaking, 
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That's how Mary Rey Sue would solve the plot from RotJ.
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Poor jabba I'd protect him
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I wished this would have happened!!!!
Would have been awesome!
call it 'Just deserts'
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