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Star Wars Moment 1

This image is my submission for the ILM Art Department Star Wars Challenge. The object was to create a new story moment using the original designs from Star Wars IV-VI. My new story moment was: Luke has joined his father with the dark side. The last hope for the galaxy now lies with Leia Skywalker. Obi Wan comes to her in a force vision telling her to go to Dagobah and train with Yoda to become a jedi. She is a quick learner and soon becomes strong with the force, even stronger than her brother. Luke and Vader go to Dagobah to force her to join the dark side
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This is awesome!

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Great painting but as a life long star wars fan the outcome of this battle is obvious and the question doesn't even need to be asked. Even if in theory, Leia got trained by Yoda and every other Jedi in the galaxy, it isn't gonna happen for her. That and I got enough of  the "strong female" character roles from Ryan Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy's train wreck trilogy, wish I could throw them two in the Sarlacc Pit , lol. Again though, great painting !
Except Leia is technically the stronger of the two... that’s canon now.
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'what if? ' such an amazing phrase. and such amazing art to evoke it! thanks so much for sharing my man 
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" A long time ago... in an age in which StarWars didn't suck. "

Nice outcome. Dark... and interesting.
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Cool looking, but Carrie Fisher wouldn't want to wear that outfit (look that up)
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I love the plot twist! Well done
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Creative AU moment!
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Thank You Nice Post. Short And Sweet.
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Lemme guess: Luke and Vader would have already murdered the Emperor by now........
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It's the only logical conclusion. Vader said that Luke's power could destroy the Emperor. Had he been properly trained to use and resist Dark Side powers, Luke would have killed the Emperor in the time it takes for Jabba the Hutt to shit himself.
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I'm not going to lie, it would be cool to see something like that happen in a special or something. I was always curious if Luke and Vader would be a dynamic duo of the dark side.
Reminds me of Dark Horse's Infinities comic series, great work.
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OMG, I love this idea! Absolutely awesome art! La la la la La la la la La la la la 
"Family is everything."
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and now everything has shattered.
Of course, but it will be a great title for this picture.
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This is beautiful. Great concept, well executed. I love it.
This image inspired an entire Star Wars AU in my mind. I've taken that AU to a place I like, and I'm planning an RPG campaign using the Force and Destiny RPG by Fantasy Flight Games. The plan is to turn this game into an Actual Play podcast.

Your image inspired the entire idea. I'd love to give you credit, either using your Deviantart handle or your real name, whichever you prefer. Feel free to contact me. I will provide links when the episodes begin to release in a few months.
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omg some one needs to make a fanfic about this
How about an Actual Play Star Wars RPG podcast instead? In the works.
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