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Samus Blasts a Metroid

This is Samus Aran, galactic bounty hunter from Nintendo's Metroid games. I've loved these games since Super Metroid on the Super NES (possibly the best videogame ever made). When Metroid Prime came out I was in heaven and later this year a new one is coming out! I've been wanting to do some Metroid art for a while, so here it is! Sketched scanned, painted in PS with a Wacom tablet at @ 7 hrs.
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One day I will learn how to draw like this.

One day... 
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this picture is on a poster in my room.
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Right through the membrane!
X231's avatar
I think you mean, "Right through the quardripartite nucleus!!!"
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Amazing job on this piece! Poor metroid...
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Hasta la vista metroids!!
RENEWAL-ART's avatar
A very dynamic picture! You can feel the speed!
ShortBusStudios's avatar
I agree with you on the best game ever made!!!
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I have on word to describe this...EPIC!
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I saw this pic a long while back, and I've ALWAYS loved it. Great job! It looks so professional.
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That. Is. Amazing.

I LOVE Super Metroid!!! (I've beaten that game so many times!)

And Metroid is Prime was BEAUTIFUL! The second one....Well I still hafta beat it...heh. doesn't men I doubt love Tho!

 This pic it truly awesome! If only you could actually do that in the  game....

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Of course super metroid is the best! That's what kicked off my love for metroid and video games for thst matter XD
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but.. but..  You have to freeze them first to kill them!

mutter grumble metroids got nerfed for the Prime series mutter...
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Dropping bombs on this motherfucker, destroying this maze

Samus Aran eradicating the Mother Brain in this place!

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Takin' out the trash.
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This looks cool!
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weird to use this word but this is actually 'classic' I feel like
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I'm a huge fan of Metroid games, this one is the best...! Great job! :D
HardCoreCrocomire's avatar
ONE does not simply kill a Metroid with the power beam!
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Great composition and lighting!
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That is GOLD!!! Truly captures the games perfectly! @//.//@
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