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Plant Monster

For "Cutthroat Caverns" [link]
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This situation would pretty much ruin any critter's day!
Hallo VegasMike, I wanted to ask you if I coud use your pictur right on top of this site. It woud be perfect for being the title picture of a workshop-object on STEAM made by me. It has no commercial purpose. 
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plant monsters or the worst kind of monster
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I need one of these for my front porch :D
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Lovely plant monster!!
HOLY SH#T!!!!Nice!!That a mean plant!!!
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your Chad go pluck that thornvine in the garden it gotten quit large .Chad sure i go get the ax and the weed kill armor on.those thornvine can take a bite out of you.well done peace of art.
The-Laughing-Lunatic's avatar
So lovely! So sweet! I need one 8U

Fabulous work!
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haha a vegeterror!! at least thats what I think of when I eat veges...great work!!
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It's Biollante!
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Poor bebe has aphids! No wonder so cranky!
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LOL those are actually spores that the plant creates as an alternate weapon!
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Sorry! The looked more like "In"festation than "Manis"festation.
My Bad!
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Gotta say this is sweet. A lot of fantastic detail. I wonder, does this plant look as threatening at rest. Or does it hang about looking intensely vicious always?
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Thanks! I would assume he could look more inconspicuous than this!
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Holy f*** this thing is cool.
The-Drunken-Celt's avatar
Was this in any way inspired by the cover for Turok Evolution from back in the day?
VegasMike's avatar
I know exactly the image of the velociraptor you speak of but no this was from my dome...
The-Drunken-Celt's avatar
Ah alright :thumbsup: That was just the first thing that came to mind when I saw it
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