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July 9, 2005
This is what classic fantasy is all about. Epic acts of heroism and bravery in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Clad in armor and hope, the knight takes a glorious Leap of Faith in this stunning print by Adam Vehige

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Leap of Faith

This is an important piece for me... First of all this is my 100th Deviation! It's also very symbolic...I recently quit my full time job to pursue a freelance career. There was a leap of faith in this decision...The dragon symbolizes the doubts and fears of this decision. The knight symbolizes the courage and focus I must have to be a success. There will no doubt be a collision...Basically this is where I am in my life...Will I be a success and conquer my fears or will I fail?

Photoshop, Painter, Wacom...@12 hrs
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wish you the best success!!! GO!!!!!
Leytala-Velnial's avatar
This is a daily deviation well deserved <3 
TabalugaDragon's avatar
I hope your fears claim you then, because the dragon is great
TabalugaDragon's avatar
rather a flight of faith defending yourself from that monster with the spear
TheGurch's avatar
Did i mention i love this? I do, i love it.
DawnsBreak's avatar
:iconsnapplz: This is awesome!
sannamy's avatar
the best luck for ya... because faith and hard work have to be enought for someone capable of to put his soul in what he loves.
CaccoXL's avatar
Awesome deviation! All the best luck!
Maestro74's avatar
when you draw like this the dragon might aswell be a bunny ;)
you got amazing skills so from that perspective follow your dreams..
whitetower-exe's avatar
Niiiice! Also, good pun/tying in the whole leap of faith, freeLANCE etc... and of course fantastic artwork. Congrats on the 100th deviation. Congrats on the life decision. Congrats on the DD!
FlorisVanHolland's avatar
Magnificent! Thank you!
ClefJ's avatar
Congratulations on 100th dev! ^^ Very cool image.
afdaapala's avatar
i love this paint and the name.....
Brotush's avatar
Now thats a brace horsey!
tdlob's avatar
In all the action of this piece, I have far greater emotional reaction with the horse than anything else. Whether or not he knows what is coming, whether or not he knows how steep the next ridge may be, whether or not the fact that his true chance of making it out of this confrontation alive, is likely very slim.

He still makes the jump.

Loyal and true to the end, even if that end is his eventual death.
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Russellwanderer's avatar
Amazing Work!!! The Only Problem For The Knight Is When He Kills That Dragon Victoriously, He Gonna Look Down & See A 10,000 Foot Drop & Say Oh S************!!!!!!!!!!!!. :lmao:
DragonBalance's avatar
good point... :nod: I think in that situation I'd rather hitch a ride on the dragon, keep it as a pet! :shrug:
Russellwanderer's avatar
Very intense piece, with a good use of focus/blurring. I know it's an old work (and you've probably improved since then) but that doesn't mean I appreciate this piece any less. I think everyone has felt like this at some point in their lives, and it's great to see it expressed so eloquently and elegantly.
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hehe freeLANCE
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