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Kylo Ren

Had to color up the sketch...So fun! It took me about 4 hours or so to color it in Photoshop. Thanks for looking and may the force be with you!
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I hate that Brat!

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If that guy came hunting me in the woods I would piss my pants in fear no ioke with Loki chasing me not scary but with Kylo Ren yes 😨
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Awesome art work, congratulations!
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Outstanding job, sir!
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yeah, this is ok, I guess... adds to favorites 
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You really got his badassery down. I applaud you.
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Waaaaaah, I love it :3
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It looks sick, but I still can't get over how poorly designed that lightsaber is... If you move your wrist enough you slice off a finger.
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Wicked cool take on him!
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Wow, Kylo Ren in your style looks awesome. I like the snow effects as well.
Great job mate.
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I'll take 20.
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I love this. the movement of everything is amazing!
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Amazing art work dude, congratulations!
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Thanks so much! :)
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Omg, I'm both really excited and really nervous about the continuation of the saga. I hope they don't screw it up. :)
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The only thing Im really worried about is having too high of personal expectations for it. I want it to be a game changer and feel like it will! Keeping my fingers crossed. :)
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This looks awesome!
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Thank you! Im glad you dig it! 
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