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Kong Vs. Trex

I'm looking forward to the movie! I expect it to be awesome and the early reviews are sounding good...I've been thinking about a Kong scene for some time and finally got to it! I remembered this scene from when I was a child watching it on t.v. in Maryland. I liked dinosaurs so I felt bad for the Trex, especially how he ripped his jaw apart like that! I wanted to capture the ferocity and power of Kong. If you look closely you can see Ann in the trees at the top right...Painter and PS at 5 hrs or more.
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Cool Fight I Am An T-Rex Fan So Yeah I Felt Too Sorry For That Thing Thats Why I Have This T-Rex VS King Kong. by redrex96  Pretty Cool Right.
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Epic fight, congratulations!
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Thr Rex definitely looks the worse for wear in this one, battered and bloodied, as Kong works those jaws apart and seeks to end it. Great job!
Fantastic job. Captures the raw, primal expression on Kong's face ... as he gets a good grip on those jaws and prepares to muscle them apart.
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It Would Be More Awesome If King Kong Kills Queen Narissa As A Dragon Just Like When He Kill The T-Rexs.
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It's amazing , what a sight to behold!
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you did A Great Job I don’t know what’s More Epic This art or The real Fight!
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Excellent work capturing the raw power of these two beasts!
Love the expression on Kongs face.
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poor V-rex. His jaw broke.
The movie was great!
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this is awesome! i like how you draw Kong :)
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Poor Vastatosaurus :(
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Actually, the dinosaur in the movie is called a V-Rex
WHOA! Very cool! I love the style you did it in!
if i was that dinosaur, i'd stay as far away from him as possible.
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KINK KONG:Open your mouth so you can suck my finge
T-REX:o dear god
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ferocity and power ??? Sorry, the Picture is really great, but i hate Kong, i just hate it how he kill the Rexes, i a m happy that he died int he Movie. I have laught when es was dead, really.
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Hey I love me some Trexes too...I hated it more in the first one though.
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That is very well drawn! I love King Kong, it's such an Awesome Movie!
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