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Incredible Giant Crab Redux

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Published: August 30, 2006
© 2006 - 2020 VegasMike
I pulled an image I did a couple years ago from my gallery and gave it proper treatment...It's still kind of rough but I like this version much better! Painter Photoshop @6hrs
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And not pictured, a B52 with a MOAB to finish off the crab and a C-130 to drop lots of melted butter for the victory feast...
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If this were available as a print I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

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Shen449ismyfoeStudent Artist

I would be thinking of E3 2006's Presentation of Genji right about now.

And TV Tropes Certified! I saw this artwork on there!

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Would it be ok if I use your artwork for my twitter/youtube banner image for awhile? I'm setting up a gaming tournament thing, & loved your image of the crab. It'll be a temporary thing—I plan on making/commissioning something myself, but want to put up something as a placeholder while I snag the social media accounts.

I'll credit & direct them this way of course, if you're alright with it. If not, I'll take the images down.

Thank you very much for your consideration! Loving your work in the gallery!
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Utterly superb VegasMike! I've also seen the latest version set in San Fransisco. I'm looking for a birthday gift for a 50 year old Cancerian art lover with attitude and a penchant for crabs. Is there any way of getting a high res image of this or latest that I could use to print a canvas? Clearly all copyright would be residing with you, but think it would make an awesome present. Is this anything you can help me with?
best regards
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"Attack its weak point for massive damage"
I'm sorry , it had to be done XD
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Epic and cool art work.
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BanjoenelbanoStudent Interface Designer
so you made this piece independant from the Monstrous anthology book, I'm curious, how exactly did it end up being used for the cover? like who approached who? 
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TV Tropes brought me here.
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JaneHuskmannHobbyist Digital Artist
Attack [the Giant Enemy Crab's] Weak Point For Massive Damage?
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Some article, don't remember.
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JaneHuskmannHobbyist Digital Artist
The article was "Giant Enemy Crab".
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JaneHuskmannHobbyist Digital Artist
The page linked to here...
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Okay, then it was that one.
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JaneHuskmannHobbyist Digital Artist
Indeed it was.
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HanzARTworkHobbyist General Artist
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Emerson-FialhoProfessional Artist
Amazing work!
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namezongHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Where the hell is his weak point? (for massive damage;))
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ScopeEvaHobbyist General Artist
You know, I used to have nightmares about giant crabs...

Then I met Rarity. 

Nicely done. 
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Biohazard150Hobbyist Writer
A poem I wrote when I was bored:

The ground doth shake beneath my feet
A quake that cracks the very street
From the surly ocean's mouth
Comes a crab to dwarf a house!

The monster looms o'er city grand
Reaching across the bleached white sand
With claws! With claws! Like giant saws!
That snatch to feed it's gaping maw!

All jets are scrambled to combat
The great crustacean, but fall flat
Defenseless now, the city lies
Focused upon by huge green eyes!

Did it come from ocean deep?
Or made by man for profit reap?
Born from the depths or from a lab,
Here comes Giant Enemy Crab!
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