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Chaos Terrasque

C.O.W.#270: D&D Variants: Round 3: Chaos Tarrasque

This Tarrasque fell asleep in the planes of chaos for over 7 years. When he awoke the creatures horns had all grown and developed a strange coloration with tiger like stripes. The front arms mutated into large grasping claws, his tail formed a venomous stinger like a scorpion. Overall the creature grew into something almost unrecognizable as a Tarrasque. Of course the new mutations only made him more devastating when he crossed over to our plane. He fed for almost an entire month before returning to slumber, wiping out 5 towns entirely.
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Vampiric Half Dragon Lich Tarrasque
When you absolutely, positively, have to kill the ENTIRE party…
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Vampiric Half Dragon Tarrasque Lich, more like.
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Awesome work.
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Awesome art work.
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Fantastic artwork.
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wow soo good! I really want to join the cow challenge now again!
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Man, I really admire your work. Sometimes I dream how could defeat your creatures, but I must confess that some dreams become nightmares.
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(Where have I left my vorpal sword?) :fear:
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What was your inspiration for this piece (if you had one)
This is so awesome!
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Basically the regular Terrasque with a bit more flair. Thanks!
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*Stares in horror, crawls into a corner, curls into a ball...COMMENCING UNCONTROLLABLE SOBBING*
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That's frightful presence for ya.
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By the nine hells...

That's the most terrifying shit I've ever seen, and no I can't tone down my language in face of... of... THAT. That isn't a party killer, that's a WORLD killer. If I tried to stat that out, I'd be rolling 20d100 for damage, just to stand in its presence for a full round.

We now know why Cthulhu is hiding at the bottom of the ocean.
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Scyla Anfingrimm came to my mind first :b
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crazy creation... bravo
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You combined an ultralisk and diablo. Well played sir.
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totally EPIC concept
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So... he transformed into a carnifex? heh

Loving the face.
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yeah, I'll take this over the plain Jane normal Terrasque any old day.

Why be totally screwed when you can be tee-total-abso-frikking-lutely screwed.

by the way great take on an old favorite :D
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