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Baron of Hell

I haven't been keeping up with my art since Doom 3 came out... I was able to get a copy with a little die cast figure of the Baron of Hell from the first Doom. Here is a drawing inspired by this figurine... PS @4hrs.
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Can i use it as my wallpaper?
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Nice artwork!

Baron and Knight are rubbish on Doom 3, Imp too... they destroyed the game design... they all look like grey zombie-aliens, not demons
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Wonderful take on a classic enemy!
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looks like the baron of doom 64! Nice work!
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Here, kitty, kitty, kitty...
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Great job! Brings back memories... I'd like to see someone draw a arch-vile or cyberdemon as well. Again, your work is amazing as usual!
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Damn, i was hoping so much to see Doom Fan-art like this!
Autentic Masterpiece! 8D
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Awesome work dude :thumbsup:;)
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Yay Doom fanart! I love this game, and the Baron of Hell is one of the coolest. Great artwork of him! My copy of Doom 3 came with 1 and 2, so it was good times. Old school games ftw. Great job.
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Yeah that was a creepy game...kinda cheap how the monsters pop out from behind you all the time though! Thanks!
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it looks like that thing from Mortal Kombat Armageddon
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DOOM = EPIC WIN :heart:
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This has got to be the best Doom Baron of Hell art peice I've seen to date. I recently added a Doom Baron to my gallery.
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DOOOOOOOM!!! hahahahaa! I'm loving your drawings man!!
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wow....i would wanna mess with that. O_O
:+fav: you cuase he's from doom. :P
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That is awsome, good to see some doom fan art. Good work
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Dude this is awesome! Its so good to see people drawing the old monsters! Great job!
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The barons back. This is cool as.
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