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Aristotilian Elementals

This was created for Creature of the Week # 250 at I wanted to show all the Elements together in an epic scale. Earth is represented by a multi legged Tortoise whose shell is the platform for the other Elements. He is ancient, made of rock, soil and vegetation and must balance the shell for elemental harmony. (Morla from Never Ending Story was a big influence here!) I wanted Fire to be a volcanic predator with an aggressive hell hound look...Whatever he touches is set ablaze and his saliva is pure magma. His breath can set entire cities on fire...He is kept in balance by lady Water. She is a collection of sea life, tentacles, and large ice caps as she goes higher in the atmosphere. She can be as gentle as a drop of water and as furious as a tsunami. The steam created by lady Water keeping Fire in check eventually forms the elegant and deady lady Air. She can be invisible at times, felt only as a soft breeze or she can gain strength and become a furious thunder storm. She is represented by an angelic, faceless bird made up of clouds. Her purpose is to oversee that Fire and Water are also kept in balance.
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World Turtle. Atlas!
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O.O OMG this is so freaking awesome :D!
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This is quiet impressive, very detailed and nice work. Love the backstory.
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Wow! so awesome!
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sure beats my old elemental gods i made in mspaint
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....It would be be BEAST to see this in three dimensions! 
Awesomeness doesn't begin to cover what I think :D
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Very good picture indeed. The clouds above must represent the element of air, the giant tortoise must represent earth, the demon on the left fire, and the sea snake water.
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Absolutely stunning, beautiful work!
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Turtle's all "Kids stop fighting or I WILL TURN THIS MOUNTAIN AROUND T^T"
Beautiful work ^e^
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Very cool, beautiful.
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i greatly enojyed the representation and the idea of balance between the four elemental forces! ^_^
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i like the way you presented air
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bellissimo è veramente epico
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Creature of the week indeed.
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tis is incredible that is all.
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...I cannot think of the words needed to give this picture the recognition it deserves. It is that beautiful.
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Fantastic image!
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