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This weeks Creature of the Week is "75 Tons"...I sat on the beach sketching a small series of islands just off the coast. I was surprised to see them slowly growing larger and gently bobbing up and down...the tide began to surge! I stared in amazement as the island slowly emerged from the ocean, but this was no island! A large neck appeared before the hulking mass...the creatures legs began to crest the waves. What a magnificent beast! The earth shook as the turtle like colossus walked by...I followed the creature a short distance inland and observed her laying eggs the size of cars gently on the grassy plains...She made no attempt at covering them...I watched her lumber back to sea eventually disappearing beneath the horizon. I would estimate her length at 350 feet and her weight about 75 tons. Im so fortunate to have witnessed this emergence...It was an experience I'll never forget!
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HammerinInkminer's avatar ta' love sea creatures, especially when done this well.