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75 Ton Creature

This weeks Creature of the Week is "75 Tons"...I sat on the beach sketching a small series of islands just off the coast. I was surprised to see them slowly growing larger and gently bobbing up and down...the tide began to surge! I stared in amazement as the island slowly emerged from the ocean, but this was no island! A large neck appeared before the hulking mass...the creatures legs began to crest the waves. What a magnificent beast! The earth shook as the turtle like colossus walked by...I followed the creature a short distance inland and observed her laying eggs the size of cars gently on the grassy plains...She made no attempt at covering them...I watched her lumber back to sea eventually disappearing beneath the horizon. I would estimate her length at 350 feet and her weight about 75 tons. Im so fortunate to have witnessed this emergence...It was an experience I'll never forget!
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A marvelous piece; truly putting the fantastic in the fantasy.
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I love how you did this like, you were there witnessing the creature, and showed yourself recording the meeting. I love it! And it just looks so good! I don't see anything bad about this piece~
Animaltoon's avatar
Beautiful, and the details are just so realistic.
I bet that took quite a bit of time to get the shading and stuff just about the way you wanted.
Traheripteryx's avatar
The atmosphere is amazing!
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I remember seeing this turtle on Deviantart before I registered as a membered. It brings back good memories and reminds me of the good old times in the year 2007-2010.

I like your turtle btw.

I remembered I was using it for inspirational references to create a turtle of my own. So I'm sorry that I didn't ask for your permission before I've done it.
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Wait... When did you draw this?
Anieyu's avatar
Sorry got confused for a second. I know i've seen it around and just saw it in the CreatorsOfCreatures submitted deviations. I was thinking, there's no way you just finished that if i've seen it like forever ago.
impure-ink's avatar
that looks amazing <3
This would make an awesome Magic: The Gathering card.
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GOD!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!
demono555's avatar
Wolly Woah.. this is awesome
ugothomasonyeji's avatar
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He's off for a night out at the Turtle Club!

He's also awesome!!!
akurahoneybee's avatar
i wanna ride it! :dummy:
Abraxas-within's avatar
Well, considering a blue whale weighs about 180 tons, I'm pretty sure this guy would weigh a lot more than 75... This is an awesome painting though.
deadlydecora's avatar
Wow. She is beautiful. Absolutely amazing work.
BeyondBryce's avatar
+fav +fav +fav This is so awesome!!! :D :D
Shidyk's avatar
Wow...the Galapagos Tortoise has nothing on this guy...:jawdrop:
thedailywulfy's avatar
Now there's a turtle you don't mess with :D
pockyluvr's avatar
So beautiful. I hope you don't mind me saying but I've made a group and I would love your creature to be one of the first to be featured. It's called #CreaturesOfYourMind.
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You should make more like this, then find someone who could create a... world so to say of all of the creatures. That would be amazing!
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