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Welcome everyone here to join,No matter you are vegan, vegetarian ,non-vegan .......We are just love the food,love the earth, love the life and everyone....... just join with us, chatting, share information, share experience, share everything about...... V E G A N by moondustowl~
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NOW I'd SETTING THE "VOTE" For "Peace love joy earth ART Drawing"folder cos i found some NO Related deviations drop here!
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Please submit to the right folder and thank you for share
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The sharp increase in the population, the limited resources, the destruction of the environment, the imbalance of the ecosystem and the food shortage, more and more people, corporations and organizations start to realize all the problems that human beings are facing. How would the earth raise 9 billion people after 35 years? How would the earth raise 12 billion people by the end of this century? How could everybody not be starved and keep healthful? How could everybody go through the cold winter and hot summer comfortably? How can we solve all these problems that the society is facing?

There are many people ahead of time. Sustainable development is the road that many companies are looking for.

Some people, are calling people to save food from every possible aspects. According to statistics, on average, there is about one third of the food is wasted from production to consumption. This number is 35% for China and 40% for USA. The activity “Provide meals for 5000 people with rescued food” has been held in many places, such as London, Vancouver and California.Tasty meals made from discarded food were offered to people. The purpose of these activities is to increase people’s awareness of saving food.

Some companies have realized the effects that meat-eating has brought to the earth. They are exploring to replace animal proteins with plant proteins. Beyond Meat is one example and their products have been commercialized.

Some research groups are exploring geneticly modified vegetables. They hope that the GMO vegetables could provide more nutrition than traditional ones. We are not discussing the possible harm of GMO food here. They are also trying to solve the problems that humans are facing.

Some companies are increasing awareness of their employees. At the same time, they try to coordinate with people outside of the company in many fields.

On internet, there are also many people who are doing their best to advocate vegan diet and animal protection.

The above are the positive sides in the current society. Of course, most of the general public are still sleeping. The sustainable road will not be easy in companies. One of the main reason is how to make profits for the companies to keep going.

However, to solve these social problems thoroughly, we might have to put profits behind. We might need to try to solve problems just for the sake of solving problems, not for the sake of making profits. Somehow, when the companies try to solve problems, they often put profit in the first place. This way, new problems might follow.

Trying to save food is good. Buying less and more times might be a better way. And also, better transportation methods and how to better store food might also help save food.

In fact, “Everybody takes vegan diet” might be the simplest, the most direct and the most effective way to solve the problems. “Everybody takes vegan diet”, will solve many problems gradually. “Everybody takes vegan diet”, then food, water, air and environmental problems on the earth will be released to a great extend.

To solve these problems, most people are looking for answers outside. People do not want to sacrifice their personal interest and change their personal habit. Innovation is companies’ slogan. Companies try to solve problems through innovations and creation.

Please have vegan diet when trying to look for answers outside. I wish all the companies could make “One Vegan Day Per Week” regulation. “One Vegan Day Per Week”, from companies to employees and to families, or from schools, to students and to families. Or the governments make the regulation, from governments to schools/companies/organizations to families. This way, it would be put into action without many difficulties.

Meat-eating is a cruel and also luxury eating habit. You might say that to some extend, meat-eating is even cheaper than vegan diet. Yes, it might be right by just comparing the price you are paying. However, the invisible price of meat-eating is much higher. The invisible price is waste of food, consumption of water and energy, destruction of the environment, imbalance of the ecosystem, the air pollution, the climate change, the soil degradation, and what’s more, the human’s health and the huge medical expenses. Who is paying all the invisible prices? It’s the earth, the government and at the end, it’s ourselves.

Nancy   08/14/2015   9:05pm
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Welcome! We are friendly and caring sharing group:groups:

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