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Sunset Run

Running along with the dragons. I always enjoyed their company in Botw, even when they're emitting rather slow balls of fire or electricity at you =D I really wanted to practice a sunset setting and more extreme lighting/tones. This was a tough piece, learned so much from it. 

Link and Dinraal from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo) 

*Edit2: Fixed up the legs! Again, thanks a ton to those who brought it up. They were irking me a lot too!  
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This one has really good spirit and atmosphere!

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ermagerd this is so good! I love it!

ove to dinral scale texture

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this is beautiful

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Gorgeous colors!

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Awesome! I love the perspective and colours!
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Oh, my what a clever angle! You can truly feel part of the drawing, and the light effect and warm tones are well-realised as well! :la: Love it!  :love:
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This is glorious. Totally captures that feeling from the game while having an uniquely amazing feeling of its own.

The way you've optimized all those curves surrounding link is just world-class arting right there - not a single wasted element. Which also perfectly contrasts his star-like and focused pose, emanating from the center. And, oh, the rendering - looking close, there's so much detail to soak up. Yet it's all encapsulated by these bold and striking silhouettes.

You've made something special here.
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Oh my gosh I just want to crawl inside this picture and bask in the glow.... I can't even begin to name all the things I love about it! Though I could try! The Slate-gleam, the glint of sun through that crack, the depth-granting gradient across the ground, Link's outfit, his pose! And Dinraal looks so gleaming and beautiful. :love:

Just beautiful. Just beautiful. :clap:
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Love this! Great color, balance, and movement. :D
The climbing armor is definitely one of my favorite looks, too.
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Oh wow, I love this!! What a gorgeous dragon, and the scene is so dynamic!!
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Wow your color palette and lighting are breathtakingly beautiful Love Kudos on the amazing work! Clap 
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Is there a way to get a print of this? Because it looks so freaking cool!!!
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Goddamn this really brings BotW the glory it needs.. The artwork is beautiful, mixing realism with the normal artstyle of the game really worked in your favor, the colors contrast so beautifully and it gives such a majestic vibe.. Amazing work! Ive always loved Dinraal in the game and the game is so so beautiful and seeing artwork of it like this is always such a treat <3 
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This is absolutely stunning. You really captured that sense of wonder whenever you encounter the dragons in the game. Have you considered making this available as a print? I've been looking for some BOTW fanart for my print wall and this is just so gorgeous :D
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This is just phenomenally beautiful work.  Excellent job, and thanks for sharing.
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What is this sorcery?! Heart 
This is beautiful and captures the spirit of the game so well.
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Incredible! Yes, I love hanging out with the dragons too @_@ 
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Please tell me there is a print of this!
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