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Elderwood Kindred Concept Page

By VegaColors
Wanted to try out a more detailed concept page for one of my skin sketches. Lotsa fun doing this.


Kindred, from League of Legends (Riot Games)
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NatalyaLycan's avatar
Kindred should have been an Adc! :( i love them so much, but NOBODY LIKES THE JUNGLE >.<
xDarkPika's avatar
I'm Kindred main,on the jungle,I love jungle~ :(
RamzXOX's avatar
Angalalove's avatar
I would pay sooo much for this skin 
Rayander's avatar
One 1⃣  word: Perfection!
TheKittyWithSocks's avatar
Hello dear! Your work are so amazingand i really happy to found you on devianart ! Elderwood Kindred are so georgous and i really would so more elderwood skin ! Elderwood Bard looks so lonely with his purple hues.. You are really inspirating ! The color palette is really beautiful and I would like to know if I could be inspired by the latter for a skin idea? Thank you for your answer !
festred's avatar
i would get this skin if Riot would take it
Waket's avatar
Hope they'll gonna make this real, it's stunning! I saw the rivisited too, but tbh this one seems better for some reason. Maybe this is the best palette?
Ejjii's avatar
This one is absolutely perfect! Great job :D 
DatPotatoe's avatar
This inspired me to make own original character (and when bow is my fav weapon)
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Most impressive~ It's very interesting seeing such a style here! More than anything, keep on doing a ton more like this one okay?
RyzenVyzen's avatar
Damn this is cold
Looks awesome
Technociyu's avatar
wooooow this one is nice
LoveIsGentle's avatar
I so do hope they make this into an actual skin, this is absolutely incredible. If they do make it into a skin though i think the mask could use some love :)
Xykun's avatar
Cool concept art, those colors do pretty well !
FranceAnton's avatar
Very interesting and creative. I'd love to see more to be honest!
KibiProject's avatar
RynirExiled's avatar
Thats suck a gorgeous concept! Amazing work
You left out her small fluffy made her booty look so cute
fireytika's avatar
amazing design! such gorgeous details ^^ 
blockma's avatar
That looks really cool!
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