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Sorry iv'e been gone, (even though nobody probably cares XD) STILL! i feel guilty...
Iv'e been sick for the past 2 week (or more)- but that's no excuse to not post anything!
the real reason i haven't been posting, though, was because my phone isn't working (again) which is what i use to post. 0_0''
but im probably just gonna take ma sisters phone and use that XD

So, cuz i haven't posted nothing in a while... i'll just do some reminders. :3

if u haven't heard OR just haven't voted yet... if your interested, be sure to vote for a comic! (gravity falls in 1st place)!
*my game*  (plz read description) by veeeester400

and here' some photos from my!

Well, here's somethin! (Game) by veeeester400 this is a game me and my sister :icondeeeester: made up! one person draws a quick, (meant to be uglyish) drawing, and the other person (using pen) has to try to make it cute! My sister made the top drawing and i did the bottom XD

here is my baby sister (shes almost a year, omg)
Mutant-Baby Kitty~ by veeeester400

aint she cute? XD

WELP. thats it.

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Submitted on
March 9, 2017


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