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CHUPO! Wanna no why? well- ill tell u why...

so last night... i'm taking care of my baby sister, right? A Genius by veeeester400 well... we were both sitting on the couch, (of and btw she's 8 months now) well i was on my phone-and i see Izzy (Izzabella) on the edge of the couch trying to look at an ice cube that had fallen on the floor. So she almost fell off the ouch-but i grabbed her just in time. ^^ but next thing ya no shes doing it again---only this time i hadn't noticed-SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... she fell :< and honestly... she was okay, on the floor- LOOKED like she broke her neck but DIDN'T~ so i got rlly scared- picked her up rlly quick--- and ended up banging her head on the table... i was SOOO SCARED AND SAD AND... YA XD ... now the reason i seem all happy-dappy right now is because she's okay now! :) but not gonna lie to u guys... i did tear up a little...ok kinda a lot X3 i was just so scared that i cracked her head or something... but Izzy is all right! shes just yellin at me and smiling at me right now XD but that is one good lesson everyone... always... AND I MEAN ALWAYS- keep an eye on the little ones XD

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Submitted on
November 30, 2016