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Happy summer to everyone! :D 
And, id just like to say how truly sorry i am for not posting in a long time. i haven't even been answering comments or replies! :( 
I do commission's and requests!   F2U - Gradient Palm Tree Right If theres anything you'd like me to draw for you or just anything, just let me know! :) F2U - Gradient Palm Tree Left 
EDIT- Requests and Commissions are always free!~ But if you'd like it to be colored, it costs an extra 3 dollars (or more) depending on the design. ♥ 
Example on a free CM with no color-   
Example of free CM with little color-     

Example of $3 or 30pts CM-    
Any questions? Please ask! :)
  I do PayPal bullet Or Points 
 if you didn't know... i do FREE request's, so be sure to check that out! (changing to make color requests cost money/points, so get your free request quick!) 

Also, if any of you people out there play the game Animal Jam,,, i do as well, so be sure to buddy me and check out my gallery in y den! :D

Thank you to the following watchers... 
Sorry iv'e been gone, (even though nobody probably cares XD) STILL! i feel guilty...
Iv'e been sick for the past 2 week (or more)- but that's no excuse to not post anything!
the real reason i haven't been posting, though, was because my phone isn't working (again) which is what i use to post. 0_0''
but im probably just gonna take ma sisters phone and use that XD

So, cuz i haven't posted nothing in a while... i'll just do some reminders. :3

if u haven't heard OR just haven't voted yet... if your interested, be sure to vote for a comic! (gravity falls in 1st place)!
*my game*  (plz read description) by veeeester400

and here' some photos from my!

Well, here's somethin! (Game) by veeeester400 this is a game me and my sister :icondeeeester: made up! one person draws a quick, (meant to be uglyish) drawing, and the other person (using pen) has to try to make it cute! My sister made the top drawing and i did the bottom XD

here is my baby sister (shes almost a year, omg)
Mutant-Baby Kitty~ by veeeester400

aint she cute? XD

WELP. thats it.


 I just wanted to say thank you for telling me you don't like my art- it will help me to work harder. But calling it bull $@#%... was a little to far

sadly, i had to hide your comment-which i bet you saw coming-

now, the only reason i'm making this journal to you is because other people may take this really far. comments like this could start depression to some people depending on how sensitive they are. And you are an amazing artist!- i'm not gonna lie! you have talent!- which is another reason i make this journal- instead of calling peoples art .. THAT, give them some tips on how to be a good artist like you! not only do i think this will help them become a better artist- but it will also help you become a better person.

now i was gonna note you this- but you blocked me.

now you probably wont read this. but if you do- thank you.

To other viewers;

please do not report moises87-  he was just giving me his opinion in the wrong way. everyone  makes mistakes.
were have i been?... well... sick -_- 

i hate when i'm sick :c but i'm feeling a "little" better today so get ready for a million posts of request and random art 0v0
MWAHAHAHA... no, for real :'D 

                   Roxys Refs: The Sequel (Full Folder!) by cRoxoverGoddess   <--- I DIDN'T MAKE THIS LOLZ

I was looking through my art and clicked on scraps- this was my first art work i ever posted on DA XD  Image by veeeester400 i didn't even no how to name it XD so... its pretty bad- but a funny memory :3

My sister insists that i change my icon pic to something more... professional  ಠ_ಠ ....... sooo.... what do u ppl think...? she says i should change it to this requested icon of one of my characters  Neon Icon (Commission) by JellyHorsie... so, what do u ppl think, change my babies to another one of my babies :'3 

also, thank u JellyHorsie for the icon X3
CHUPO! Wanna no why? well- ill tell u why...

so last night... i'm taking care of my baby sister, right? A Genius by veeeester400 well... we were both sitting on the couch, (of and btw she's 8 months now) well i was on my phone-and i see Izzy (Izzabella) on the edge of the couch trying to look at an ice cube that had fallen on the floor. So she almost fell off the ouch-but i grabbed her just in time. ^^ but next thing ya no shes doing it again---only this time i hadn't noticed-SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... she fell :< and honestly... she was okay, on the floor- LOOKED like she broke her neck but DIDN'T~ so i got rlly scared- picked her up rlly quick--- and ended up banging her head on the table... i was SOOO SCARED AND SAD AND... YA XD ... now the reason i seem all happy-dappy right now is because she's okay now! :) but not gonna lie to u guys... i did tear up a little...ok kinda a lot X3 i was just so scared that i cracked her head or something... but Izzy is all right! shes just yellin at me and smiling at me right now XD but that is one good lesson everyone... always... AND I MEAN ALWAYS- keep an eye on the little ones XD

tomorrow is my sisters birthday! to surprise her... can some of u just pop in there and give her a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY X3 and yes, i know her DA is VEEERY EMPTY... so lets make it FULL XD 

This is optional...

Ok. i just wanna thank everyone for the lovely happy birthday notes and comments you all sent me! i feel so loved! ^^ but as horrible as this is gonna sound... today is not my birthday U-U i bet a-lot of you are probably upset about that...maybe not IDK but still! im really sorry about that everyone! when i was making my DA,,, (AS SOME OF YOU KNOW)  have the glitchiest wifi + computer EVER! so instead of it saying July 19 -which is my actual birthday- it says what it says 0-0 

It's My Birthday~ by veeeester400

once again THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH for all those lovely comments! if any of you no how to edit my birthday date thing- PLEASE TEACH ME! :'C
love ya'll! 

alright everyone... yes, i have not forgotten about the animation- i am still working on it ^^ but its not colored... now if your peeved off at me cuz its not colored, THAT'S OKAY! but the reason its not colored it because 1; people are still asking for their characters to be in
            2; i wanna make a colored version and a not colored version ^^

yes, i'm still allowing people to get there characters to be in an animation -> (didn't know i was making an animation?) well GO HEAR->  Wanna be in an animation?! by veeeester400 

well THAT'S IT! just thought i'd let ya know ^^ 
i'm so sorry that i haven't posted it yet! it is most likely done if u did! but my wifi has bin super wacky and were planning on getting a new company for wifi, just haven't yet! so let me know in the comments if your waiting for a request and ill try to post it when i'm at my mothers lab or somewere i can connect to wifi. thx so much for your patience and plz understand why i'm taking so long. thx! ^^''
I finally made a YouTube video!!! Although I sound like a little baby in it/ it's a good start XD to find my video- just look up veeeester400 on YouTube- cuz my phone is glitch ing and won't let me put a link xI hope u like!

Ya, all of you no Mr.Grey as my pet beta fish... Well Mr.Grey got hurt. He has a big scratch on his side. And he dosnt eat. I think Mr.Grey might leave this world soon. Which I'm really sad about. But why am I sad about this... Well have you guys ever had something/ that might not be a (big deal) to most ppl, but is to you. Well for me, that's Mr.Grey. When I'm worried about something, I'll talk to him. And I know that sounds weird, (and yes) I know fish can't talk. But it makes me feel better, and to me... That's what makes something special. I hope this can help you all whith anything. Because it's making me feel better :) now i hope Mr.Grey feels better/ and if not- I'll always remember him :)

Thx for reading~
Me made a YouTube account XD me so happy X3 

my plan is to make animations, ''how to draw'' videos, and lots of other stuff :) my first animations will be paper... but i hope u guys like them :3 I haven't  made any videos yet... but ill let ye no when i do :)
Ya ya... I know u guys are probably sick of me always talking about my voting game :D but I just can't help it X3

I think I may make a due date for it though... You know, so u guys don't have to wait a million years for me to make a comic :3 But I'm not sure yet when I'll stop the game and just choose a winner and make a comic :T But let's just see what happens :)

So far... In the lead is gravity falls! Second place is fnaf (five nights at Freddy's) and third is mlp ( my little pony) :)

If u haven't voted yet or even heard about my game... Go check it out and vote TODAY! XD…  

Have fun :)
   F2U - Gradient Palm Tree Right If theres anything you'd like me to draw for you or just anything, just let me know! :) F2U - Gradient Palm Tree Left 

EDIT- Requests and Commissions are always free!~ But if you'd like it to be colored, it costs an extra 3 dollars (or more) depending on the design. ♥ 

Example on a free CM with no color-  Dog Person by veeeester400  Happy, Happy Birthday! by veeeester400 
Example of free CM with little color-  Happy Birthday Raven-Ride! by veeeester400  Map To Summer by veeeester400  Days In Space by veeeester400  Take Me To Egypt by veeeester400 
This Love by veeeester400

Example of $3 or 30pts CM-  Great Swimmer (draw this in your style) by veeeester400  The Sky Is Falling (Contest Entry) by veeeester400  Flower Pup by veeeester400 

Any questions? Please ask! :)

  I do PayPal bullet Or Points 

Well so far, gravity falls is in the lead! But if your voting for somthing else like my little pony or fnaf... Well dont worry! The game aint over yet! Im letting ppl know about my game! And im even getting help from other deviants! And you can help too! Let your friends and other deviants know about my game! Well thats whats going on so far :)…
OMG its almost my birthday! And I already got my first birthday present! Its some sort of ipad thingy? IDK! But it looks really cool! But ya! But what i'm doing for my birthday is the crazy part! Were gonna go to disney land... dressed as animals... walking around! Im gonna make my family look silly XD
Well... i'm crazy XP
~ENJOY my craziness XD
OMG i cant believe i have not bin posting anything for like... THE LAST MONTH!  I'm so sorry :C i am planning RIGHT NOW what to post... OH, and also i have bin letting other deviants know about my game so that i can make a new comic :) it just takes time... once  again i am so sorry about not posting anything... even though probably nobody cares... but if you do... i'm sorry! X3
When I was making my Deviant art account, i put the wrong birthday date XD! On my info, it says my birthday is on November 17, WELL ITS NOT! I was just so excited to make a deviant art account that i made the wrong birthday date... silly me! My REAL birthday is on july 19... (so soon) :) Anyway...let me know in the comment's if you ever made a mistake like me ^v^...
~enjoy the weirdness