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'Let Me FINISH!' (Baby Sister Art) by veeeester400 'Let Me FINISH!' (Baby Sister Art) by veeeester400

So, if all ya'll didn't know, i gotta baby sister named Isabella who is crazy addicted to Mickey Mouse! Mickey Be Spinnin' 

Whenever she see's him, she screams. XD  

(she gets a-lot of attention for it, haha)

Any-who, tonight i was strolling threw Deviant Art when Izzy (Isabella's nick name) came running into my room when she saw a picture of mickey... that's when it all started.
She screamed at every picture she saw of him XD I had to favorite the one's she screamed at  the most haha! 

So then i decided to draw her a picture of mickey, but while i was drawing she kept coloring on the picture with a green colored pencil. :D (Big Grin)  So, i just let her  XD It looks pretty stupid, haha... She wouldn't let me finish, haha     (here's the un-edited one, i was bored XD Untitled

Now, most of you people out there are probably wondering why i posted this? (or u just don't care, haha)
Well i posted this NOT to complain about my sister coloring all over my sketch... but i posted this cuz i had fun.

Most people stress out when there drawing a picture, or only worry about if the pictures gonna turn out good. 
...But do they ever just try to have fun?
When i was doing an art contest, i kept on stressing out cuz my drawing didn't turn out how i wanted it... i re-drew it 3 times. Then i decided to listen to music. i started making fun of some songs i was listening too and joking around with my eldest sister! i had fun and the drawing turned out pretty cool!

So.. people out there... next time you decide to do some art... try and have fun. You'll be surprised with the results. wink 

Deeeester Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2017
Large Mickey Bullet FTU 
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veeeester400 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2017
Mickey Mouse ~ Free to use! 
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