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Christmas, Holiday, Easter and Fantasy

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Christmas Tree. by JBMartian Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Christmas Tree. :iconjbmartian:JBMartian 16 1 Daily Sketches sir Christopher Lee by fedde Daily Sketches sir Christopher Lee :iconfedde:fedde 43 19 soon... by danzzila soon... :icondanzzila:danzzila 9,181 495 Luv U by thegreatrouge Luv U :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 2,048 188 Space Ship in the Jungle by SergeyZabelin Space Ship in the Jungle :iconsergeyzabelin:SergeyZabelin 397 15 Guard by wlop Guard :iconwlop:wlop 51,025 2,686 Disney Witchesses~ by Rejuvenesce Disney Witchesses~ :iconrejuvenesce:Rejuvenesce 754 115 Irma Lair by Eviethelion Irma Lair :iconeviethelion:Eviethelion 356 83 Robot Rumpus Secret Santa 2018 by Feulin Robot Rumpus Secret Santa 2018 :iconfeulin:Feulin 52 17 Santa Baby Pinup -Sunnie Commission- by DJ88 Santa Baby Pinup -Sunnie Commission- :icondj88:DJ88 151 19 view to stars by ingeline-art view to stars :iconingeline-art:ingeline-art 17 0 Merry Christmas by Grooooovy Merry Christmas :icongrooooovy:Grooooovy 2,924 49 First pic for Christmas 2018! by aenaluck First pic for Christmas 2018! :iconaenaluck:aenaluck 689 28 The Blood Elf on the Shelf by Cpr-Covet The Blood Elf on the Shelf :iconcpr-covet:Cpr-Covet 10 5 Christmas Week - Under the Mistletoe by Qalcove Christmas Week - Under the Mistletoe :iconqalcove:Qalcove 257 43 Christmas Cat by EveVictus Christmas Cat :iconevevictus:EveVictus 328 62

Random Favourites

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A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh.
A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.
A lie , is a lie, is a lie, is a lie!

Yeah It's Vernal Equinox and Next Month!

Yeah, it's Spring Fever time and also 420, Easter and Awesome Con is next time.

I hope to have as mush art up an possible



Happy post Spring Weekend everybody! There's some cartoon classics about mostly evil plant characters, enjoy. And no, not that damn Veggietales cartoon!:

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Luck of the Irish! Also my father's birthday (not Dr. Light) was the other day. So my family came over twice and cooked out, since it was in the 70s! BTW I got Irish blood from his side of the family! =D

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The Madness Of March! :



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February Function January Junction
 Thank you and I'm trying to drag you into any s***:

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Is that person still snooping around my profile or was it a snitching, butt kissing, white knight of a spy? If you moved on, then are you still coming around? It's very hard to believe the crazy ones when their very hypocritical and delusional ass f ***. So I guess They fell into my trap then I was just warning others, not beating a dead horse 

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I can't take you seriously if you use insults. by World-Hero21 'I'M GONNA BE AN ASS TO THIS RANDOM PERSON!' by World-Hero21

Thesestamps are not or me. If they fight other in the coming future. It should be okay to warn others about them. This dish shit out, but can not take it. Will be bullshit about being better and start the shit. Calls others butthurts and do not like it when others point out the ugly truth about them and will say insulting bullshit about like the true victim haves nothing better to do with their time and no lives. Also, they are bound to be of some interest in the future, so they do not have a full argument. Wrong and in their dreams. So you can not afford it.

For more information, please contact:…

and my clap back:… 1677083

I'm also thinking about deleting her adding Tammy and Dynasti. 
Those albums turns 29, 25 or 24 years old :

Rock N Roll Rock N' Roll Pikachu Emoticon Headbanging Raven Hip Shaking Rose Pizzazz Rock N Roll Yeah Batman Metal thrash Robin Tim Drake EqG Lemon Zest (Rocking Out) Plz BM smiley Rock Singer Emote :headbang: 

Alice In Chains, Jar Of Flies January 25 (1994) :

SoundGarden Superknown March 8th, (1994):

Nine Inch Nails : The Downward Spiral March 8th, (1994) :

SilverChair : Frogstomp , March something (1995) :

Depeche Mode : Violator (1990)

and Pearl Jam Alive January (1991):
  • Listening to: SoundGarden : Super Unknown 1994
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  • Playing: Street Fighter II (1991)
  • Eating: BQQ Pork Feet
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Really Hypocrite ?

Ha ha ha, if you moved on, or don't give a damn anymore, then why are you still snooping and checking on my profile(s) when logged off? 
You fell for it and I got a reaction from you!:XD: Plus there's really a difference between warning others and beating a dead horse. However perhaps I shouldn't, not cause of your boosting, but some new RockMan fans came along and you abuse them, cause nobody warned them. Then they turn around and surprise you like no one else did, since you don't bother to warn others about your behavior and nasty ways. Since you don't have no style and class. The down side of that is you'll have more victims, but it's worth a shoot. You have no right to talk about others or call anyone pathetic and pathetic is too high for you.  Or was it more like a snitching white knight?

PS, also are you out of ideas for art? 
Lent Season, Ash Wednesday: What is FuseMan's Rabbit Watt Gender ?
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