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Rules and standards Or Thou shall not :

This is a PG-13 account, but with some suggestive things around the level four. Nudity but with no parts showing.

No Pedophilia!!! Sickos should die if they like it. Does my OC with TopMan count?

No Zoophilia, Necrophilia or any other kind of philia. Does Robot X Human count as Mechaphilia? I know it's wrong but looks best if toons did it rather then real people.

No people using sex objects on them like dildos or anything else. It's also tasty, some kind of philia and should be consider sinful.

No incest. Does my OC with any of the other Wright/Light no.s or even RockMan 3 count?

No adultery.

No Yaoi or Yuri. I'm not into that stuff. So got a problem with it?

No group sex or orgies threesomes, whoring around. However my OC can be a big flirt!

I'm not used to drawing gore.

Ask me about erotic role play or art request ( if I ever get any.)

Random Favourites

Devilman! by 666nao
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Devilman! :icon666nao:666nao 96 7
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Silene :iconyukimiyasawa:YukiMiyasawa 57 32

A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh.
A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.
A lie , is a lie, is a lie, is a lie!


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(( Hot summer and Cancers ))

( It was like around 95 degrees. With isn't the worst. I think July, 3rd, or fourth of July eve with the worst like 97 or 98. I didn't bother to post a status or art cause I wasn't feeling well and didn't bother to leave the house for party time. Last week was a bad time of new art too. I believe that the worst is over cause it looks like it might be cooling down now. However I my birthday is coming and it's hard to tell. I don't wonna jinx it and bring the heat back! 

Btw, happy birthday Cancer's and crabbies! 

Meet BlastMan So everybody mark you calender or October the 2st to 4th ! Plus extra bonus RockMan 3 vid : 

I most say those new robot masters (bosses) are getting old before they enter the world. I mean we know what they look like months early and ahead.

(( Yeah please help me. Ever since I switched adopters, on May 28th I've been having some techinal issues. 

1. The sound has been disabled on tower. So The head/earphones no longer work. 

2. The other issues is importing brand new pics. Every time I try and sometimes I play media flash player, which is purplish with a character I believe. That's is the issue why I haven't had nothing up for the June of June. So can anybody out here help aid me for something? ))
(( No I have jury duty starting @ 7:30 am and might be stuck up there all day. Plus Erinn's having her birthday 🎂 happy hour @ 5:30 pm. So it would be nice if I could wrap things up around 4 pm or better, if my group doesn't get chosen and Ill be out before 12 pm noon! 😣))
(( Juni & Juli Summary ))

June : Erinn's birthday is the 9th, she is one of the bride's maid of Dawn Brown.
I have Jury Duty on the 13th, right after that.
Saturday the 23rd is the big day. The weeding takes place in Charlottesville VA, @ the Hampton Inn, during the evening. It's gonna be the first interracial weeding and June weeding I've ever been to. 

July : Well, I hope to renew my core membership by then and perhaps have a little bit more art up. My birthday is also coming in August. 
(( Oh my God, what the feck is wrong with this account? I can't log out, on this damn phone and not sure yet if its the same shit on the desktop? Also this is not my first/main account! I'm not sure what to do. Ill just go to the help center and complain. ))
(( No Easter/Passover art and why : ))
((Well Happy late Easter peeps! Also Happy birthday Aries!

(( Most of yo probably don't care and maybe I'm just wasting my time typing/writing this but of well.:shrug: Not only that I got to a late start with the Easter drawings, but also I was still sad of all the bad luck going around. That horrid school shooting on Valentine's day. @ FreeTaxUsa I lost and got cheated almost $400 dollars on my W2 from the f*cking state! At least other peoples that I know, from the Great Generation grandparents past away during this winter.
I had a little break from the drama like a chipmunk at work, in the building, along with some other funny things in early March! Also during daylight savings weekend it wad happily married Patrice's birthday/push party March 10th Saturday,@ Abigail 5-9 pm. It was a lot of fun and there was a live band! The next day was brunch at her house. With a fun filled weekend. :XD:Domino had the engagement ring off her finger @ the club March 24th Saturday night. She was bother about plenty of shit. Some ugly/obese birches were hating on us hotter or not as ugly chicks. It was Hatch-Azims girl's birthday some it wasn't worth it. Also Dominos man was going to the club too often and they have a third and a half year young son. Plus the next day, during brunch, we saw Sade. They tacky ass hole! She was wearing a half shirt and her thong was up all high and exposed. That harpy is pressed for attention. She's also rode coat tails of her cousins. I heard she insulted one over some bullshit. She was like : Your going futty dutty with that b*tch!? I also heard she was f**king her friends ex boyfriend, dirty ass trick!
So I also didn't made it to any convention centers this past year. After then I found out that past February 2nd the tickets for Awesome Con is gonna be more expensive. I couldn't other one for me at the time. I wasn't sure about then if I was gonna make it, which day for with who at the time. Last week I called Ticket Maste/will call and it was f*cking $80 bucks for Sunday April first. I was like f**k that and only for like three hours!? Also my Co worker's Kitty's husband past away. I started 😢. But wait, it didn't stop there, he wasn't on the board like Kitty's man, another OC worker Jacky's brother died too! Also should had keep my 👄 shut about my thoughts to that jerk Calib. He was just going on about shit I rather not hear and he really crossed the line. I told him last month :
I hope no ones dies in March.
Calib: You(I) Jinx it.
He really pissed me the f*ck off there! Plus what kind of bullshit is that!? I wanted to punch him in the stomach or splash hot soup on he's 5'3" and a half inch add. He's just pissed cause I'm not going out with him any more. And I'm glad I didn't go to Awesome Con with his ass! He also doesn't believe that I'm slightly taller and we are the same height. Just cause we see eye to eye that doesn't mind that I'm under 5'4" too. The back of my head is the highest part idiot!

So yeah folks that's why I failed to have Easter art again this year. I hope next year will be better. Its gonna be three weeks later, Passover will be afterwards, but Weed day 4-20 will be on a Saturday, the Eve of instead. I have a little luck though. I found a $100 dollar bill and I know exactly what it spend it on. So its another small break for now. I'm still around $270 bucks short from the W2 issue. Domino is having a Gala next month, so how about a trumpet/mermaid gown for me!? ))
(( 20th March Madness 2018, Not so Spring,Vernal Equinox! ))

(( Dammit, first it wasn't and nice winter with the failed plans, people getting sick along with their Grand Parents dying off and out.:(
Around here, it doesn't seem like the first day of Spring, but more like the first day of winter or like New Years Eve, January something. Just when the daffodils start to bloom like around St.Patty's, it started to rain like 3:00 am 3-20th, then it turned to icy freezing rain around 3 p.m. 
Also, it should be snowing soon and maybe around a foot tomorrow/today, 21st of March. I can hardly see a 60 degree day in the next to weeks. We may not even get a Spring or Summer this year, cause of the volcano's blowing up and cooling down the planet. So I'm not sure what's up for my birthday in August? This sad below average might be the same for next year too!? :iconscreamingplz: ))
(( Delayed artwork for the season and Easter since my life outside of the internet with birthdays and work. 
I wined to you guys about things and plans getting messed up which started around Thanksgiving. Patrice's married around three years ago and now she's having twins in May. So this past weekend she had a birthday, baby shower, push party weekend. Now this Saturday on St. Patty's, I might go dress shopping for my cousins b-day which is on the 26th, so she's planning to have something the 24th and 25th. )) 
(( Bone Thugs First Of The Month Part 2 And April Showers : ))

( Well during March Madness, I get paid again, this is my last chance to all to a convention like Awesome Con. I dunno any more one in this area. Things and plans have been going against me ever since Thanksgiving. I just hope the season of people catching colds is pretty much over and there's not either death of a person like really soon and right before the plans. 

April Showers : Well hopefully I'll have my Easter bunnies with crosses and anti Spring Break up.
BTW Friday the 13th is coming. 

(( Possible rp starters here much? ))

(Sorry, to bother you, but it would be nice if the few of us still being active or at least on the active side unlike most others could perhaps have a family meeting here or something? Your account might not even be or a role play? Or is it best just one on one? So my OC can send her love? Hell, the avatar mention notice might note even pop up in your notifications feedback's? If I missed anyone then please let me know. Oh and btw, I can understand that people got their own lives outside of the internet and even school and work if they attend to. Possibly kinda low on ideas 💡 for rping playing too? )
:iconhornet-hunter: He might return

:iconheatman465: He may be a Dr.Wily bot, but he hasn't been here long
(( I'll go here Friday and see how things are but the issue will be over a week old. ))
((Limbo like land of guessing with stressing is about over, I'm gonna face it very soon like an hour, 12:15 pm to see it I got the boot! I'm so unrelaxed right now! I'm gonna be f*** if its the very worst and til I can find a replacement! ))
I got around twenty four hours left like 12: 15 pm to find out if I really f***ed myself up from Thrusday night. It already bad enough that they seem to already wait me outta there, with their unfair bullshit and let others get away with it. Brown the one I've spoken to late Friday afternoon either didn't know herself or just wouldn't tell me but I did ask her about that part either. I goofed up so many things in the past, but might had done it in for sure. Been mostly stressed about it today, its making me sleepy. So for the past several days they got me guessing til I go back up there and see if they have a surprise waiting for me? Like they rather not tell me on the phone and talk about it in person? Also it's cIearly not the same head staff from 2/3 years ago. Expect them to call me in the office. Also may have ruined the opportunity to sue them! I'll be lucky if it's the second worst thing they could have waiting for me, but I have to find out what exactly it is and gonna be?
Hey peeps, I did something that I wish I didn't do or say in real life outside the internet and I might have to eat it. I could be done for a while cause if it! 😰
No really people, I'm getting mighty annoyed and sick of the holidays and I still love God and this country! How bout you guys?
(( Febrewary and March Madness. ))

(( Well peeps, I've been working on February Frenzy stuff, but it's looks bad. I mean I'm so behind in more ways then one the ideas are/are slow and late. Like I didn't start til January:iconjanuary:
the :icon13: 13th. I also have full time work, like 40 hours and only one day off. Also other things get in the way too. So most art might not be up til the end of next month or early to mid March and that's gonna hurt or effect my Easter art. I'm even struggling to draw pics like fake flyers for the middle of next month! Perhaps a pic of RockMan Virgo VS RockMan Venus? Not a real shipping from me, but is also not for kids. ))

(( Also two conventions are left, Katsucon of President's weekend and Awesome Con at the end of March. I already missed MAGfest and I'll be damn if I also those two! ))
Winter Sounds Ruby Spears IceMan and More:

The worst part is over or the weather, but I hope things aren't about to get even worst for me :


Happy Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Day! I'm so glad that this holiday is back, cause it was missing after 2009 and before this year!

January Junction and February Fever :

Well, it's been cold as a Yeti's ass around here. I have no chose but to attention to MAGfest tomorrow at the last minute like around 1 and it ends at 5:30 pm! I'll be glad when the dead of winter is over or better yet, Spring gets the fuck here! A week before the of the other person I know Grandfather past away. Why does things like this happen right around or before a function?

Well, I'm already behind. I'll still try to do new red hot or red carpet art for next month or later this year, like perhaps Year Of the Bitch, maybe some magazines apps, more naked OC Soul, TopMan's ball room or ShadeMan all on Asteria's in a dress body and bare shoulders :horny:!? 


Journal History

This past April and earlier this month or last week :

  • Listening to: Alt-J Relaxer (2017)
  • Watching: Attack Of the Killer Tomatoes Cartoon (1990)
  • Playing: Darkstalkers (1994)
  • Eating: M-Tank
  • Drinking: Raspberry Ice Tea


VectorWomanDRNE-Soul's Profile Picture
Vecky, Vessie Or Victoria
United States
Soul a.k.a Vector Woman is a fembot created by Dr. Thomas Wright (Light). She's a graphic design Metallian robot. The right hand is used of work, however her weapon ( Spiral Barrier) pops out the left head.

A.I. age : 21 to 26.

Good Part:
-Playful, Frisky

Bad Part

Height From Game :
4'7" or 140 cms
Weight : 1?? lbs
Energy : Solar Or Life Energy
Material : Ceramical Titanium Alloy
Maximum Output :????Ps/????rpm
Maximum Torque: ??? kg-m/???rpm

Height In Ruby Spears :
5'4" 1/2 or 163.40 cms (Like me in real life b*tches!)

Strengths And Resistance :
Nothing much harms her. She was made similar to Zero, however she was created before him too, however she's still a regular robot, not Reploid.
I would stay, less likely to hurt her is Time stopping and Air/Wind. So Flash, Air, Gravity and Gyro better watch out!

Weakness :
Formerly in past role plays with other was Water and Nature.
Water cause at first she was a design based, not now that idea is dying out.
Nature was too, be cause of my allergies. Now those can be for more like The Power Fighters Games.

Current Residence: Mega City, Monsteropolis, which is in the middle of nowhere which is s dessert. :O

Love Interest :
It all depend on with website. The other account on the other sites have been dormant.
Exes : Gemini Man, some kind of groupie loving like when he was in the Rock/Metal band Cold Steel. No ever slept with Spark Man or Gyro Man. Also Plant Man at one point. She's one of his ex models and they had a love child name Fern Nymph. Also perhaps Bomb Man from RS.

Deviantwear sizing preference: Extra extra Small to small (for me)


The WRight/ Light Family :

Yeah, he's my creator and it's pretty much his fault! :icondoctor-thomas-light::icondrlightplz:

DRNb 000, Blues the BreakMan or ProtoMan, Rock's big brother, hard to tell what's his age : :iconb-lues::iconl-oners::iconwhxstling:

DRNb. 001 I don't care what others say about him, he's still my hero! :iconrokku-rockman::iconh-eroboy::iconblue--bomber::iconmegaman::iconmegaman-plz::iconrockmanplz::iconrockman-plz:

DRNb 002, The housekeeper girl who doesn't dress like a maid: :iconfathers-favorite:

Generation One :

DRNb A Time Traveling Experiments :icontimeman-plz::icontimeman--plz:

DRN B Maintenance of machinery and what a reckless ass punk :iconoilmanplz::iconoilman--plz:

DRNB. 003 The Lumber Jack - :iconsciss0rh3ad: :iconcutmanplz::iconrlybroplz:

DRNB. 004 Super Arm or strong arm, Civil Engineering :icongutzmanplz:

DRNB. 005 Antarctic Investigation Officer :iconiceysoldier005: :iconicemanplz:

DRNb. 006 Ground Disruption, pain in the ass :iconbombmanplz:

DRNb. 007 Waste Burning Disposal, Texan, I used to look forward to winter, he keeps the place nice in toasty. :iconflame-o-justice::iconfiremanplz:

DRNb. 008 Atomic Energy Controller :iconthunderbolt-master::iconelecmanusedthunder::iconelecmanplz:

Generation Nine :

DRNb 065 Supervisor Of Dam Construction :iconc-onstruction-master:

DRNb 066 Tries to be gentle with him.:( :iconx--tornadoman--x::icontornadomanplz::icontornado-crashy:

DRNb 067 For rescuing swimmers and possibly the Navy. Looks like this city isn't big enough for the both of us sis! I'll be willing to stell Tornado, Jewel or even Dive from you! So what if you got bigger boobs, I got diver like legs and I'm clearly not an aqua bot! Plus purple is better on females then blue!:iconasksplashwoman::iconsplashwomanplz:

DRNb 068 What a dirty name, less human and huggle replacement or Elec, also a nerd at was aired to inspect the quality control in a television factory :iconplug--b-all:

DRNb 069 What a dirty number, was designed to work in a diamond mine where he was boss of cutting and polishing rocks with dexterity. Also like to receive attention and collect shiny things. I had so many fun fancy and fashion adventures with him after I wasn't dating anybody!:iconjewelmandln-069: :iconvenomousjello: :iconjewel-master::iconjewelmanplz::iconjewelman::iconthe-lunatic-robot::iconfabulousjewelman:

DRNb 070 Designed to be a manager at a rose park. His job to pollinate the flowers by using his vast knowledge of flowers from around the world. I'm always looking forward to him every Spring. He disappears shorty after Halloween or something before that if gets too chill. I also enjoys eating he's honey! :iconhornet-hunter::iconhornet-man:

DRNb. 071 A less human and cuddly version of Fire, bulit to oversee safety operation and manage a geothermal power plant. Also to withstand the inferno and loves to visit spas. Not with me or I'm not gonna be with him! :iconaskmagmaman:

DRNb .072 that's little UFO was designed to work in a space research center where that is his job to instantly calculate the trajectories for rockets. He loves to observe stars and name any one that he finds. :icongalaxyrobxt:

He's called a reploid and is locked away deep sleeping somewhere :iconmegamanxplz::iconhappyxplz:

---The Half Family ---

DRWNb. 017 Was to work in energy mines, specializing in land development and breaking through boulders and bedrocks. :iconneedlemanplz:

DRWNb. 018 Sorry, I dunno know were to start on him. Funny thing is MetalMan is attracted to him, however at the same time, it's also his neo weakness. :iconmagnetmanplz::iconmagnetman:

DRWNb. 019 One of my ex-boyfriends with the paranormal abitiy to not only fire lasers, but also clone himself. With his trixy elegant and narcissist ass self. :icongeminimanplz:

DRWNb .20 He weights like three tons which slows him down. No wonder why he is such a lazy ass! :iconhardmanplz:

DRWNb. 21 To work on other planets in search for the Energy Elements needed to build Gamma, but Wily twisted that plan. Funny thing about that is he's not a space type. Clearly not the best weapon in the serious and is one of the weakest ones ever. What's this guys AI again? 15 to 21? If he's not a minor than I be happy to got clubbing with him. So people are bad mouthing you cause of your weapon and you're sad. I'll hold and comfront you. My the sound of your voice. Got the smooth talker/operator. I thought Gemini was the family flirt. Try not to spin so hard and fast, you'll get dizzy. Almost every Autumn, he's got me looking forward to the homecoming dance. You're the homecoming King. So who is you're homecoming Queen, Plum? :icontopman-021:

DRWNb .022 Oh dear, either naughty half Wright bot and also the very first animal type. Created to investigate narrow areas and survey topography on uninhabited planets marked for development. With his quick and lightweight body, he was well-suited for work on any kind of terrain. Then Wily betrays my boss and reformed him into a combat robot and set him to work fulfilling his schemes. Plus is intelligent, shrewd, tenacious, hunting and a lady killer? So, which out GeminiMan. Yeah, he tries to get to me like that like TopMan. Oh just look at him trying to eat ToadMan! :iconsnakemanplz::icondlwn-22:

DRWNb. 023 Sparky was designed to resemble a spark plug, and without hands. Instead two high voltage electrodes, capable of producing powerful electric shocks and channeling his Spark Shock. Also he can generate twice as voltage as Elec Man, however he tends be to scatterbrained which is not good when it comes to focusing. He hates being left alone for long periods of time and gets crybaby like. Hey dude, you can also use this to impile others. :iconsparkmanplz:

DRWNb .024 He wasn't created by Wily or Wright. He was adopted and there's a possibilty that aliens made him. Sometimes I wish I dated him instead of Gemmy. :iconshadowman-plz::icondarkninjashadowman:

-- The Full Wily Numbers--

Yeah, I don't have to talk about his ass. We already know :icondrwily--plz:

DWNb. 009 Albert's very first child based on CutMan. So He's a mature AI age, and is suppose to be more awesome. Nothing must harms him, except the Atomic Fire, Mega Buster, Quick B. and his own saw blades. :iconrazor--sharp: :iconmetalmanplz::icondentist-ofthe-future::iconmetal-manplz:

DWNb .10 First Monster like robots (if you don't consider Cut or Bomb) as well the very first wind type too, a walking talking fan that spits out tornados. I don't buy the can't be defeated part. Oh by the way, air wasn't hurt me at all! :icontyphoon-barrage: :iconairmanplz:

DWNb .11 The very first aquatic Robot Master made just for undertow kombat. Wily being the crazed jackass he is, couldn't help but laugh at the way he moves around. He can't walk on land. He also mopes around like an Emo and wines up being the butt of peoples jokes. Bubbles is affable and high-spirited individual, but has a bad habit of lavishly money when he has it. He also bathing in hot springs in his springs during his spare time. Um Bubbles, who are you looking at like that? No, I'm not going out with you. You better start talking to that SplashWoman and leave me lot of it! :iconi-will-be-redeemed:

DWNb .012 Quicken, I really don't feel like talking about this one. He is one of the immature jerks of the family and is somewhat a perv. He's one of those light weight speedy types and doesn't have any tolrence for slow beings or things. :iconask--quick--man::iconquickmanplz::iconiconthenameisquickman:

DWNb .13 Crasher, or I call oragne cream Is based on BombMan + GutzMan also with high speed and at the same time thick armour. which I don't understand why and how. He uses his Crash Bomb drill like time bombs. However he is a goofy, clumsy due to the fact his handness life. He suffers from lack of self-control.
:iconthecrashman: :iconannoyedcrashmanplz::iconcreepycrashmanplz::iconcrashman982::iconcrashmancryplz::iconpervycrashmanplz::iconaskcrashman::iconcrashgirlplz::iconcutecrashmanplz::iconcrashmanrapefaceplz::iconimcrashmanplz:

DWNb .014 He can stop time instead of slowing it down unlike my little purple clock. :icontheflashman1:

DWNb .015 This little jerk zippo feller hates it when people close his top-lid on him. Will I can't blame him, that's is rude as hell. However he can also be rude himself a time! Also he haves a rivalary or feud with Icy. :icondwn015-heatman::iconheatmanplz:

DWNb .016 Aw, I know this guy best in the family, and as ever had any problems with him. So I hope that will never happen. Little does he know that MetalMan lost him and we became a foster family for him. Is was most me and IceMan who was taking care of him the most. Funny thing, his weakness is also the Air Shooter and even vise versa! So him and AirMan are weak to each other, no sh*t! Me my not be aware that nature is my semi weakness, besides water! :iconwoodmandwn16::iconwoodmanplz: :iconwoodman987:

-The Full Wily Numbers Part 2/ RockMan Five-

DWNb .033 The replacement of Master Flash, except he is red orange, buster is on his left hand instead of his right. :icongravity-man:

DWNb .034 Waver The replacement for Bubbles, is even cooler, he can walk on land unlike his little-big brother. However he is handless on both arms. A razor-sharp Harpoon on his rite and the Water Wave canon on his left. However, he's one of those anti-social bots and haves quite a temper like Crasher. Just like Bubbles, he vehement hates pollution, particularly, sludge and oil slicks, which might piss him off the most. Hey, I can't blame them, despite water being my top weakness!

DWNb .035 So Albert with his GutsMan craze created his own Robot Master, non fortress based version. Stony is an idiot like Guts, all power and no brains. He enjoys drinking oil while watching movies with Guts. Yarn, whatever how boring, I'll past. :iconstonemanplz:

DWNb 038. Yep, that's right, I'm gonna out of order in more then just one way now. Good Lord, a train type robot. The Quicken replacement, however haven't an anger problem like Crasher. I might like Stony and little better then him. Man, at least Topper looks more cuddly then this mentally handicap loser! He hates Katakana signs and enjoys telling old, boastful stories, who cares! :iconchargemanplz:

DWNb .038 Like the one bomb type after Crasher. Oh boy, is the Vietnamese people offended by this Metallian. He's a terrible reminder for what happened in their past. :iconmissiles-n-bombs: :iconnalmmanplz:

DWNb .036 His is not only a cutting type, but is also air/wind. The replacement of Metal, and AirMan, however he is green with blue eyes like Bubbles:icongyromanplz:

DWNb .037 Oh no, one of those type of guys. Not only did Albert created him to destroy Rocky, but also for intergatic exploration. He is fast in more ways then one with his romanticist ways. He attends operas and musicals, but is also sentimentalist.
He seems like a guy that I could go out with, however I don't wanna whine up the morning after in his bed, under the covers and butt naaaa. Oh dear, I just know that hell what he's got in store for me. Really punk, space didn't hurt me, it heels me!

DWNb .040 Chris, a mysterious mystical individual who rathers keep to himself most of the time. He is also a Fortune teller, which should be a woman's job so why isn't he Crystal Woman instead? I plan on visiting this guy one day, in a carnival tent. Also that doesn't make about the fact of him disliking scientists, cause his, creator is one! :iconlightskycrystal::iconcrystalmanplz:

DarkMan tried to frame Blues but that really didn't work.:icondark-number-2:

SWN : 001 This one is hard to kill or destroy. One of those very few crazy ones. Tries too hard to wipe RockMan out. :iconbass-plz::iconbassplz::iconforsaken-bassforte:

DWN-?? just another failed attempt to destroy Rocky. I know very little about this counter repliod. I guess he'll got after X in the future. Every now and then I have dreams about him. e_e
Oh and PS, he doesn't look like a woman. Whoever says he does and is over the age of 15 is an idiot! :iconhappyzeroplz:

The Cossack Numbers/Family

DCNb .1/DWN.25 He's not a real electrical type. Funny, he seems to be the child, however was the very first one whom was turned on :iconbrightmanplz:

DCNb .2/DWN .26 My Least favorite one from this family. I can't stand his little dance either. ShadowMan seems to be a frog loving guy, but I don't know about this one. :icontoadmanplz:

DCNb .03/DWN .27 Mole, dwarf like handless, bomb/ earth mover type that doesn't look like a mole or dwarf. He works in the mine shaft, I wonder if he's friends with Jewel? :icondrillmanplz:

DCNb 04/DWN .28 One of my favorites, the royal type with eyes like a hawk. Also acts like a complete dork around beautiful women. :iconp-haraoh-punch: :iconpharaohmanplz:

DCNb 05/ DWN .29 The true Lord Of the Rings. Also, three words : Mr. Wedding Planner. :iconringmanplz:

DCNb 06/ DWN .30 Dusty the vacuum cleaner and he might get along with roll, but I'm not sure. :icondustmanplz:

DCNb 07/DWN. 31 Diver is one of my other favorites form the family. Wave might be better then him, but it's the shoe is on the other foot when it comes to dating. :icondivemanplz:

DCNb 08/DWN. 32 He's go me looking forward to October every year. :iconskullmanplz::iconthenameskullman::icondreadful-reaper::iconforsaken--bones:

------ As Wily Tours the world and ruins Metallians from the First Tourmant -------

D?Nb 01 MXN. 41 Lol, this ice type type is actually snow, what a chump SnowMan :iconblizzardmanplz:

D?Nb. 01, MXN. 042 I don't know what the hell is going on with this creature. Is it a male or female. If female then she's in love with the Knight. I'm sure it wouldn't mind giving other a ride on it's back. :iconcentaurmanplz::iconcentaurman-plz:

D?Nb. 01 MXN.043 Well he is some kind of oil junking and will get fussy if it's cheap. :iconflame-of-arabia:

D?Nb. 01 MXN.044 Based on mideveil times, however no super hot princess for him. :iconchivalrous-knight:

DANb 1. MXN 45 Oh dear me oh my. I was one of his models and he was my former boss, photographer, paparazzi. Those wonderful few months working together. Until that one busy three day holiday weekend, had too much fun, laughter, partying, drinks, most of the other girls didn't, I was stupid, got a room together and...... Only carried his robobaby for a brief three weeks. After that, couldn't model for him any more. :icondan001-braziliankiss:

D?Nb 001 MXN.46 This Native American or the metal version of Street Fighter's T-Hawk. What. His f*cking feathers hurt? And why is his weakness nature!?:icontomahamkmanplz:

D?Nb. 1 MXN .047 So he can't stand AirMan, just like Dive and Pirates hate each other. He thinks he's got a change with he, cause wind doesn't hurt me much, yeah right, in you're dreams. Also since he's from China, be most blow that nasty polluted air. :iconwindmanplz:

D?Nb. 1/MXN. 48 Just like Shadow in the first and only Ninja bot, this one is the only and first Samurai. If Yamato means Emperor, then I don't see this guy getting a lot of beautiful women just like the Knight, or only if they even get rich. However I still won't came around for them. :iconresolute-samurai:

------------- The Stardroids-----------

Named after the first planet from the sun Mercury/Hermes. What the hell is up with those blob bots? First yellow Devil and now this guy! :iconliquidmetaliam:


Others and Cross Overs :


My Soundtrack :

--Extra / Bonus Soundtrack


















Sigh, these are the results I get for turning on my shout out 📦 box!
Wed Feb 28, 2018, 9:55 AM
Sign, I turned on my fucking shout box on and this is what I get, folks!
Tue Feb 27, 2018, 11:11 PM
i believe it is spelled maji, einstein.
Mon Feb 26, 2018, 11:20 AM
I already don't care about Magi!
Sun Feb 25, 2018, 5:14 AM


RockMan V Gameboy 24th/early 25th anniversary. Favorite boss. I could had wanted a whole another year to make this poll, but I didn't. Next poll for this game wont be till 2023. 

2 deviants said Master Jupiter / Zeus ( My new friend, his cyclops cannibal eye storm, winks at me :XD:
1 deviant said Master Terra / Mister Earth
1 deviant said Master Pluto / Hades Slashing Kat
1 deviant said Master Uranus/ Ouranos /Caelus Bull of earth, not air Also please be mature about his name.
1 deviant said Master Mercury / Hermes ( The family blob)
1 deviant said Screw that game, it sucked rotten eyes!
No deviants said Lord SunStar : SoundGarden Black Hole Sun from the album Superunknown 1994
No deviants said Master Neptune / Poseidon Fish
No deviants said Master Mars / Aries ( Bomb, not fire and not a ram )
No deviants said Master Venus / Aphrodite ( Does he get bullied by his brothers cause whom he's based on?


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