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// Bushido

This is the result of a fun photoshoot done in my basement a little while ago.

I had an idea to do sort of a fetish/japanese style shoot, and got in touch with some friends to make it all happen.

The lighting was ACE, so it all worked out really well. My only role during the actual shoot was to help out with the setup, and provide the space... But post production in Photoshop is where my skills lie, therefore I bring you Bushido!



:iconapsara-fae: - Model
:icons-n-a-p: - Photographer
Props to Kesar Lacroix for doing an amazing job with the makeup.


Because I love you all, I made it into a wallpaper. Click the "Download" button. Multiple sizes available in both 4:3 and 16:9 resolutions :)
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This is outstanding, I love it! I love the background you used, the color is perfect and makes the image stand out. I like how you made the clothes sort of explode a bit, I like the pose, the composition and the colors. This is amazing, I really like the lighting that makes the cloth shine.
There's something weird about the right arm's sleeve though, I can't exactly say what, but you should definitely look into it. It would be better if the model could lift her head a bit.
This is a really interesting piece and I can't wait to see more from you. Keep it up!