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[Now available in Google Play?] SHIMEJI - Shizuo



Edit: February 8th, 2017:…
Digital Cosmos, the developers of the application, got back to me both through email and twitter. Apparently, their programmer had not informed them that the properties were being used without consent from the original artists.
All shimeji have been made available for free!
I personally do not have a problem with this shimeji being used for free, so that's that on my end.
(Thank you Digital Cosmos for responding to this issue so quickly.)

Edit Februrary 7th, 2017:
Wow, I never thought that I'd go back to this because of a such a serious issue... Deviantart user :iconthanysa: and an anonymous message on my tumblr informed me that this Google Play app is selling shimeji. Including mine. And others

I have already sent an email to the game creator asking them to remove my shimeji, or have it available for free.

It's actually a little ironic on my regard because I traced this off of the Izaya shimeji, so you could say that the cycle of art theft is continuing-

Please do not buy Shimeji from this app. The artists were more than likely not notified, and are not receiving any profit from this application.


I made this off of that infamous Izaya shimeji, so that they match.
I know there's some loose pixels, but I just had to get this thing out since it's waaaay overdue. I hope it meets your standards, though.

Heiwajima Shizuo © Narita Ryohgo
© 2010 - 2023 vectorsmash
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I love this!

for those who can't get it to work, download java offline