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The Curse of Crackleclaw: Chapter 7
Another fish bone slapped against Cracklepaw's shoulders, followed by snickering. Cracklepaw furiously glanced over his shoulder, and spotted Barkpaw and Wasppaw hastily trying to hide their giggling. Wasppaw had one paw over his muzzle, but his eyes were bright with amusement, while Barkpaw merely shined his famous crooked grin. He then whispered something into Wasppaw's ear, causing the younger apprentice to erupt with laughter.
Abruptly, Cracklepaw launched himself in front of the two apprentices, and bore his teeth into an angry growl. His fangs glistened in the sunlight, his ragged brown tabby fur bristled aggressively, his ears were drawn back, his knotted tail brandished fervently behind him, and his large claws dug harshly into the soft camp soil.
Wasppaw immediately ceased his laughter and nervously gulped. Even Barkpaw looked a tad bit surprised at his brother's malevolent behavior. He gave Wasppaw a hard shove. "Come on Wasppaw…let's go bother Lilypaw or something," he
:iconvectorsigma101:VectorSigma101 8 0
Remembrance - ACT I - THE DOGS---Chapter 1- Awaken
Chapter 1 - Awaken
Water…water everywhere…I-I can't swim…I can't swim…help, I'm drowning…I'm drowning…HELP!
The tom abruptly woke up from his nightmare with wide eyes and bristling fur. He felt adrenaline pumping through his veins as he rapidly scanned his surroundings. His unsheathed claws barely punctured the smooth and cold floor beneath him, and he was surrounded by thin beams of silver sticks. What is this? Where am I? Still reeling from the aftermath of his nightmare, the tom frantically lashed out at the odd silver sticks, and was surprised to find them impenetrable. No, no, no! Let me out! Let me out! The tom started to hyperventilate, and pace frantically around his prison. No, this can't be happening. I need to get out! I need to get out! "Get me out of here!" he yowled at the top of his lungs.
"Shush!" snapped a gruff masculine voice from above.
The black and white tom blink
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Ceremony of Blood - Thistleclaw's Nine Lives
Yes! He had finally done it! He had finally accomplished his life mission. Sunstar was finally taken care of, Bluefur was stuck in the nursery with her whiny kits, and all of ThunderClan was finally Thistleclaw's! The voices in his head were true all along, the voices that whispered his every devious plan and foretold his glorious future. They were right! They were right!
Thistleclaw could still remember when he became deputy as if it were yesterday. He was the obvious choice since Bluefur became pregnant with that RiverClan tom's kits. Tawnyspots had fallen ill with a fatal sickness, and every cat knew he would not recover. Nearly every cat in ThunderClan suspected that Thistleclaw would become the new deputy, so he was not surprised when Sunstar chose him. He could still hear his Clanmates' enthusiastic cheers ringing in his ears. He recalled Tigerclaw's enthusiastic expression along with Bluefur's somber one. She was the only real threat to his deputyship, and Thistleclaw was almost
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The Curse of Crackleclaw : Chapter 6
"Hah! You have to try harder than that to defeat me, Pricklepaw!" Barkpaw sneered.
Cracklepaw growled and bit back a retort. On the other side of the training clearing, his older and much more handsome brother glared arrogantly and smugly. Their mentors were observing them from the tree-line. They said nothing, but only accessed their apprentices' techniques. Their assessment was only a moon away, and each sunrise the apprentices were commanded to hone their skills. Then I'll become a warrior, Cracklepaw eagerly thought to himself. Then no cat will dare to mock me.
"Well, are you going try again to defeat me?" Barkpaw questioned. "Or have you finally learned helplessness?"
No! Cracklepaw roared in his mind. I'll never give up. One of these days I will defeat you, Barkpaw. Despite all of his training with Whisperwind and Sparrowheart, Cracklepaw's brother would still defeat him in battle. He always had to be better than Cracklepaw in every
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The Curse of Crackleclaw : Chapter 5
The forest gloomed eerily in the darkness. Rotten mushrooms spoiled the tree roots and the mighty oaks were nearly black in their decaying state. The leafless trees covered the sky, but Cracklepaw knew that there were no stars gleaming out tonight. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the noises of the darkness. Beyond the natural creaking of the ominous place, Cracklepaw faintly heard the soft crunching of dead leaves to his left. He held his breath as the noise suddenly stopped. He waited until he heard a swooshing of air—
"Not this time!" Cracklepaw sneered as he ducked just in time for a white paw to lash over his ear. He arrogantly gleamed at the white tom who furiously swished the ground with his tail. "You may have taught me a lot, Sparrowheart, but Whisperwind's guidance still reigns. There is nothing that can get past my ears."
The white tom's blue eyes glimmered in the darkness. "Well done, Cracklepaw. However, Whisperwind can't teach you everyth
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Brother, Oh, Brother
Our lives used to be full of laughter and fun.
I had the muscle, while you had the smart.
You were my twin brother, my only one.
No matter what, you always followed your heart.
I had the muscle, while you had the smart.
We were complete opposites, from tall to small.
No matter what, you always followed your heart.
I regret that our fight turned into a squall.
We were complete opposites, from tall to small.
I want my brother back; at least let me try!
I regret that our fight turned into a squall.
Other times, I wonder how it happened—why?
I want my brother back; at least let me try!
You were my twin brother, my only one.
Other times, I wonder how it happened—why?
Our lives used to be full of laughter and fun.
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Remembrance : Allegiances (Ch. 1 - Ch. ?)

Valora – pretty silver tabby she-cat w/ green eyes
Iris – silver tabby she-cat w/ blue eyes
Sylvester – silver tabby tom w/ blue eyes
Tearlach – dark gray tom w/ green eyes
Pollux – ginger tom w/ green eyes
Yippee – young brown tom w/ amber eyes
Zingara – cream-colored she-cat w/ a brown face, tail, paws & blue eyes (7 moons old)
Russell's Group
Russell – mottled ginger & white tom w/ amber eyes
Tibalt – black-silver tom w/ amber eyes
Addie – ginger she-cat w/ amber eyes
Argus – muscular brown tom w/ amber eyes
Chaos – black tom w/ amber eyes
Eliot – cream-colored tom w/ a brown face, tail, paws & blue eyes
Dee-Dee – skinny pale brown tabby tom w/ amber eyes
Salt – white tom w/ green eyes
Gillian – white she-cat w/ blue eyes
Eurybia – black she-cat w/ golden eyes
Greasy – large brown tabby tom w/
:iconvectorsigma101:VectorSigma101 3 0
Remembrance - Prologue
Huh? Who goes there? Identify yourself intruder! Speak now or—oh, sorry. I just thought you were an enemy, but now I can see that you’re just a pair of harmless kittypets; I should’ve heard your obnoxious bells jingle from clicks away. Oh, and let me unlatch my claws from your belly…sorry, it’s a force of habit.
So Caspian told ya where I was, huh? I should’ve known. He may be my best friend, but he sometimes can be kinda creepy when it comes to his senses. So what can I do for you? …you want to hear my story? Seriously? Not many cats journey here to hear my story…most of the time they just want our help and leave without a second thought. ...Really? Hah, I've been told that I'm a great skipper and all, but it never really sinks in. But of course I’ll tell you my story. I’ve never told it before, especially not to a pair of curious kittypets. I didn’t mean that as a bad thing, no, but I’ve been there and done that.
:iconvectorsigma101:VectorSigma101 5 3
The Phoenix : Author's Note
Hey! Vec here, and I just want to say, thank you so much for your support! It really, really, really means a lot to me. I love these characters so much and it's so sad to see them go. I also can't believe that I started The Phoenix nearly a year ago!
Now, here are some Q&A's!
Q: Will there be a sequel?
A: Unfortunately, most likely not. Unlike the Erins, I know when it's time to let go. I've been with these characters for about three-four years now, and I know that their story is over. I'm still writing and I might through a short story about them!
Q: Will Whiskerpaw ever get her full name?
Eventually. I just decided to end it there. Sorry! To be honest…I couldn't think of one.
Q: Will Whiskerpaw and Pigeonwing ever become mates? PigeonXWhisker for life!
Nope. I may have hinted it, but the ship has sunk! Don't get me wrong, I love them together, but they both realized that it is their duty as medicine cats to put their Clan first. Pigeonwing discovered this w
:iconvectorsigma101:VectorSigma101 2 0
The Phoenix : Epilogue
Many seasons later…
Mouseshadow ducked as Skyspark swiftly lashed out a paw and nearly snagged his left ear. The ThistleClan deputy was quick and easily misjudged Mouseshadow for his heavy size. Trusting his warrior training, the dark brown WaterfallClan tom leapt into the air before Skyspark could launch himself with claws unsheathed. Mouseshadow quickly flattened the gray tabby tom and dug his claws into the ThistleClan deputy's shoulders and head and lowered himself to the ground.
"You never should've underestimated WaterfallClan," he hissed into Skyspark's ear. He shoved the enemy tom's muzzle into the dirt and he heard the tom moan and groan. He was almost tempted to end the tom's life because of what had happened, but he was well aware of the warrior code and what is stated about death.
Mouseshadow begrudgingly released his grip on the ThistleClan deputy. "You're lucky, cat murder," Mouseshadow hissed. Skyspark glared at the WaterfallClan warrior and quickly d
:iconvectorsigma101:VectorSigma101 7 2
The Phoenix : Chapter 21
"You're supposed to be dead," Whiskerpaw whispered as she closed her eyes tightly and waited for Jaggedstar's final blow to strike her. She could feel the heat on her pelt as the flames rapidly approached. The air swiftly became harder to breathe in as Jaggedstar's claws were still on her throat and the amount of dark smoke was steadily rising
Would Jaggedstar mangle her body after he killed her? Where would her spirit reside? Would Jaggedstar drag her down into his realm or would StarClan save her? Whiskerpaw took a risk and slowly opened one of her eyes; she saw Jaggedstar's powerful form hunched over her, and his front left paw was raised. His claws glistened in the burning light and his eyes were brightly illuminated.
Beyond his menacing form, Whiskerpaw saw a patch of smoke and clouds part to reveal the last morning stars. StarClan was watching her. Whiskerpaw silently begged her ancestors to have mercy on her soul; she promised to stay loyal to the medicine cat code and serve her
:iconvectorsigma101:VectorSigma101 5 7
The Phoenix : Allegiances (Ch.21)

Moonshadow—dark gray tom w/ darker stripes w/ amber eyes Lives—9
Dustberry—dusty, dark gray tabby she-cat w/ blue eyes
Medicine Cat:
Mintshard—black tabby tom w/ green eyes Apprentice—Whiskerpaw
Cedarstep—dark brown tabby tom w/ amber eyes
Nightstrike—black tom w/ green eyes & white spot on back (former SavageClan warrior)
Ryeleaf—pale brown tabby tom w/ green eyes
Meltingice—white she-cat w/ ginger tabby patches & blue eyes
Leapingriver—light brown she-cat w/ white paws & tail-tip w/ green eyes Apprentice—Cragpaws
Privetdrop—white tom w/ black marking over right eye & one green eye & one blue eye
Tallstalk—long-legged pale gray tabby tom w/ amber eyes
Auburnwhisker—dark golden-brown tabby tom w/ amber eyes Apprentice—Adderpaw
Stalkshine—pale golden tabby she-cat w/ green eyes
:iconvectorsigma101:VectorSigma101 2 3
The Phoenix : Chapter 20 - Berryshade
Berryshade let out an angry snarl as Runningclaw dug his hind claws into Berryshade's flank. Berryshade struggled beneath the stronger and more experienced ThistleClan warrior threatened to crush the life out of him. The dark gray and white tom widely and sporadically whirled his head around while snapping his jaws, hoping to crunch bone. He managed to get Runningclaw's neck between his jaws and snapped down. At once, Runningclaw's body fell limp on top of the victorious warrior.
Berryshade threw the deceased warrior's body off and briefly shook his pelt. He felt light-headed due to the lack of blood, but also because of something else: mad thoughts were filling his foggy mind and half of the time Berryshade had no idea what he was even doing.
The ThistleClan warrior's mind was suddenly surged with pain and he had to close his glowing eyes. More devious orders flooded into Berryshade's already pain-filled brain.
Kill them. Kill the Clan cats.
Berryshade scanned the cleari
:iconvectorsigma101:VectorSigma101 7 2
The Phoenix : Chapter 19
Whiskerpaw couldn't believe what she was witnessing: her Clanmates, her own kin, were fighting her Clanmates. It was brother against brother, parent pinning down their child, mate raking their claws across their mate's face, and deputy defeating leader. This must've been what Tallcloud was warning her about, and it's a shame she never fully trusted his wise words.
Several fox-lengths away, Batwing had Sloestar pinned down. The ThistleClan deputy snarled and raised a paw to deliver the finishing strike, but Duskwing threw herself at the black and brown tom before he could.
"Traitor!" Lichenpelt yowled to Shadowmask, the black tom was slowly advancing on his Clanmate. She quickly lashed out with claws extended, nicking Shadowmask's ear. "You're nothing but a stinking traitor!"
A long-haired rowan male mutt was yipping loudly, snapping up cats as it dodged several cats' blows. It snapped up Rubyfur, a ThistleClan warrior, and threw her body into the air and caught it with a loud snap. Sev
:iconvectorsigma101:VectorSigma101 4 4
The Phoenix : Chapter 18
"I want all available warriors lined up right now!" Goldenstar yowled with a mighty roar. The majority of the warriors were already outside when they heard the urgent news Finchwing brought. They quickly lined up in a single-file line facing Goldenstar, Moonshadow, Whiskerpaw and Finchwing, their sleepiness and uneasiness quickly forgotten. Some were shifting their paws in excitement while others uneasily glanced around at the prospect of a battle.
Goldenstar gazed with pride and sternness at his warriors. "Cats of WaterfallClan, I am grateful to be Clan leader of such an amazing Clan. I'm constantly inspired by such brave and loyal cats. Our Clan is the strongest amongst the others, and we've always had StarClan's blessing. We have kits in the nursery and plenty of fresh-kill; StarClan has gifted us with the river to keep us fed during all seasons.
"Now our friends in MeadowClan have requested our help. ThistleClan and RowanClan are currently attacking their camp, and we must arrive w
:iconvectorsigma101:VectorSigma101 7 4
The Phoenix : Chapter 17
"We must warn our Clanmates immediately," Chervilpad repeated. She began to quickly trot down the now dry path down the cliff side. "Crowstripe, we must hurry. Prattlestar must know of what we've seen."
"Yes, Chervilpad," Crowstripe meowed. He glanced at Whiskerpaw for a single heartbeat. "Good-luck," he mewed before dashing after his mentor.
What was that for? "I need to hurry to my Clan as well," Whiskerpaw explained to the others.
"So do we," Shatterpelt agreed. Before any cat could respond, Whiskerpaw was already pelting away as fast as she could with her limp. The branches scraped against her thin pelt as she struggled to walk faster and faster towards the camp. She had a horrible feeling in her stomach that today was the day her questions would be answered, for better or for worse. Tallcloud was right, our doom in coming!
Moonshadow was already in the middle of the camp scoping the new dawn by the time Whiskerpaw finally wobbled into camp. The deputy's dark gray ear
:iconvectorsigma101:VectorSigma101 6 7

Random Favourites

Typhlosion AKA fiery buttfloof by Bernouli Typhlosion AKA fiery buttfloof :iconbernouli:Bernouli 292 14 Mot and Alyssa - A new Family by WinterDragonArt Mot and Alyssa - A new Family :iconwinterdragonart:WinterDragonArt 19 13
Firetalon's Destiny: Chapter 19
Entering the camp I looked around to see if I could spot Crimson. Sure enough the golden tabby sat, with hunched shoulders, near a corner of the camp. He clearly didn’t look happy about being ordered around by Skypaw. Speaking of which, I glanced over my shoulder to watch the younger apprentice heading towards Flamestar’s den, flanking him was Rustypaw. Looks like they were going to tell father about what happened with Crimson.
“Firepaw,” I looked back at Crimson who gestured for me to come over there. Coming over to him, I couldn’t help but see the torment in his amber eyes. Did he feel bad about fighting against CityClan? Or was he just worried about what his punishment for starting that fight would be? “What did I do wrong? I don’t see how showing FlameClan’s strength could ever be the wrong thing to do. Yet here I am, in trouble.”
“Well um…” I shuffled my paws, I had never really thought too much about this. Al
:iconkittycatmewmew101:KittyCatMewMew101 3 0
Spectrum Prologue
AN:: Should I continue this? Please give me your input on the Prologue.
A beautiful, heavily dense, starry forest surrounded a group of star lined cats and a red eyed tom. The tom glared at his ancestors as he dug his unsheathed claws repeatedly into the leaf covered dirt.
His red eyes burned with rage as he yowled "Destinies are ours to control, ours to shape, our to shape, and ours to live! You say I'll be the cause of death for my Clan? I'll make sure I'll never become that beast!"
"The prophecy-" a ginger cat began.
"Is wrong! I've been loyal to my Clan my whole life. Who are you to decide which path I choose? Some 'wise' cats you turned out to be."
The StarClan cats looked at one another as the blood colored eyes of the tom gazed at the,; almost daring one of them to say something again.
"Such strength." A light brown she-cat stepped towards the tom "Such determination." She looked at her companions "Perhaps we were wrong?"
A tom with deep green eyes and a scarred
:iconpurasanji:purasanji 2 0
AhaG: Jefry meets Spirit Dianite by Ch4rm3d AhaG: Jefry meets Spirit Dianite :iconch4rm3d:Ch4rm3d 63 23 ... I see you again by Blue-Krew ... I see you again :iconblue-krew:Blue-Krew 48 17
Wandering in the dark
My only companions are the choices I have made and the heavy burden of my never ending future
I watch...
Seasons pass
Friends grow old
The world changes in the blink of an eye
But I will never change
I look back to the past
Decisions that will never be forgotten
Why? Why? Why?
Back then I made a decision
Such a foolish decision
One that brings my time to a stand still
So now here I stand
Alone in this world
For I... am the Watcher
I... am the Listener
I see all
I hear all
Yet I am human
Or am I?
Have I given up that right so long ago?
Have I become a monster?
An emotionless beast?
I am not meant to live this long
All I wish is for my heart to stop
For my body to rot into nothing
But that is not to be
For I... am Immortal
:iconkittycatmewmew101:KittyCatMewMew101 1 2
How to kill a goddess by Dragoeswild How to kill a goddess :icondragoeswild:Dragoeswild 32 23
PitW Chapter 12: Death of a Greedy Leader
AN:: This chapter has some dialog from The Darkest Hour.
AN:: Two Chapter Today! My treat!
Petal listened as Tigerstar and a handsome ginger tom exchanged words, many of which sounded harsh and leaking with anger.
"Aurgh!" Petal heard Spike complain "Why can't we just show ourselves now? I want to dig my claws into their pelts!"
"We can't do anything unless Scourge orders us." Came Fang's reply.
Spike growled "I know that!"
"Shut up you two." Strike spat "They'll here us."
Petal turned her attention back to the leaders as Jackpot settled next to her "How are you feeling?"
"Pulling through." She muttered as she leaned on him "Just wish the voices would stay in the dream."
"Hopefully it'll be over quickly."
Petal made a grunt of acknowledgment as Blackfoot's tail raised.
"There's the signal." Jackpot muttered.
Scourge led the warriors into the clearing and were met
:iconpurasanji:purasanji 2 0
PitW: Two Moons
So I did as Scourge demanded and met with Tigerstar everyday. The tom gave away too much from his mannerism around me and his Clan. Runningnose, a medicine cat is what the clan cats called him, had taught me about StarClan and what they mean to the Clans. I had asked about recurring dreams and their meaning to which the small tom answered with:
"StarClan must be telling you something. Helping guild you towards your future, though I've never heard of StarClan talking to a rogue before."
After he had said that, I began to rethink my dreams where signs to leave BloodClan. I had told Jackpot whom seemed surprised to hear about what my dreams entailed, but had said with a determined and serious look on his face:
"I'm staying by your side. My leader may be Scourge, but only you have my unwavering loyalty. Wherever you go, I go."
Two moons had passed quickly with anticipation in the air for a possible soon to be battle. The Clan talked endless for wee
:iconpurasanji:purasanji 2 0
Into the Woods
Into the Woods belongs to Disney
The way is clear,
The light is good,
I have no fear,
Nor no one should.
Paws scrambled across the foliage covered ground as a cinnamon shaded cat tore across the dense woods. He panted heavily as the scent of blood from his face over flooded his senses. He tripped over a upturned root and landed face first in a slow moving shallow river. With a groan, he got to his paws and came muzzle to muzzle with a black tabby she-cat. He swallowed back a yelp of surprise as he took in the she-cat's shaking form.
"What happened to Hawkeye, Bumblebee?"
With a shaking paw, Bumblebee pointed to the speared form of a light brown tom.
"Oh StarClan..."
Bumblebee burst out into a wail "Swift-talon, what's going on with these Woods?! First Cloudpaw jumps in front of a ravenous dog and now Hawkeye kills him
:iconpurasanji:purasanji 2 0
tallstar, bluestar, crookedstar and raggedstar by MintyGumball tallstar, bluestar, crookedstar and raggedstar :iconmintygumball:MintyGumball 64 14 Newest leaders (warning spoilers) by MintyGumball Newest leaders (warning spoilers) :iconmintygumball:MintyGumball 59 16 Mianite Season 2 by Lt-Hokyo Mianite Season 2 :iconlt-hokyo:Lt-Hokyo 206 225
Cursed: Chapter 13 (Juniperpaw)
“This is the rogue’s camp? I thought it would be busier than this,” Bird murmured into my ear upon passing the clump of undergrowth lining the clearing that the rogue’s called their camp.
“The majority probably don’t live here,” I answered in return, rogues preferred a more solitary life than one with comrades. “In any case, we need to hurry and find the second in command.”
“So what does he look like?” my ginger-and-black companion asked while scanning the few rogues hanging about.
“He’s tannish brown with amber eyes.”
“Ah! There he is,” Bird signaled towards the proud cat, who fit the description perfectly, sitting on a low tree root. His ears perked as his stern gaze landed on us. He tilted his head slightly, a come here gesture.
“You do the speaking, this is perfect practice for you,” Bird murmured to me. “What’s with that face? I’ll be right by your side, so
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Well, I just have to semi-rant somewhere. And I'm going to choose my words very carefully.

I was sorta neutral on the election, and got the opportunity to vote it in (shows how old I am? XD). I disliked Clinton and Trump, but was leaning towards Trump because I couldn't stand Hillary. 

Now the election is over...I'm kinda appalled. Of course I'm not surprised that there's been backlash (either way there would have been), but I'm surprised how...I don't want to say "violent" but it's very...aggressive I think is the word I'm looking for. 

First of all, to the people on various social media sites who are telling their watchers/subscribers/followers that if they voted for Trump to immediately un-follow them because they have nothing to say. 

To me...that's kind of childish. You can't respect someone else's opinion and their right to vote? Differences is what's apart of this country. Of course, I understand that everyone is very emotional right now, so everyone has a right to seethe for a bit, but geez. They just voted for the lesser of two poisons, just like you did. And you can't respect that? I believe that's a problem.

Also the hatred towards Trump voters. I can understand the hatred towards Trump (and everyone has a right for that), but not towards his voters. Not all Trump supporters are sexist, racist, homophobic, jackasses, etc. No. Same towards Hillary supporters. You can't judge somebody, especially someone you've known for a while, based on who they voted for. I know people who voted for Trump. I know people who voted for Hillary. And most of those people are kind, thoughtful, and well-respected. They are still my friends. Of course, I've already had friends who looked at me at disgust, but I'm happy to say that most of them have risen beyond the boundary and accepted by beliefs. And I respect and accept theirs. 

And now I have a greater respect for them because of their wisdom to put our friendship first.

To all of the riots out there: sure, you have a right to protest, but when I see people on Twitter promoting anti-white prejudice, in both words and acts of violence, then it becomes a problem. Basically, they're doing the exact same thing they accused everybody else of doing to them. Seriously! If you look at all of the anti-white hate on Twitter, and if you replace them with some other race, it obviously becomes racism! And there is such a thing as racism towards whites. Just look at the definition of racism.

What am I talking about? I'm not white. lol. Why am I taking the time to defend them?

Oh wait. Because they are people too and not monsters like a lot of people are insinuating

I'm also seeing a lot of "when Obama won two terms, you didn't see the conservatives break out in riots" and "if Hillary won and riots broke out, the media would've called them radicals and anti-democratic" or something along those lines. Both of which are kinda true. Just...just saying. :shrug: Food for thought?

I don't know. Part of me about these riots is thinking "grow up and accept the results" and another part of me is thinking "you have a right to protest". 

Also to that hashtag #notmypresident (I think that's what it's called), well...technically Trump is our president-elect. Not our president just yet until January...sorry to be a smartass. And, he will be our President whether you like it or not. Throwing a temper tantrum isn't going to change anything, sorry?

Eh, I'm kinda mixed on the riots. I just think they're too much, like what are they going to change anything?

In conclusion, I guess, I think people just need to calm down and not do anything too radical. I'm glad Hillary isn't our President (don't get me wrong - a woman President would have been great, I just wish it wasn't her), but I'm also not glad that Trump is our president-elect. It's a very mixed bag. 

Before I end this, if you have a disagreeing opinion, feel free to leave one! Just don't be like most of the people I see on Twitter who are like HOW DARE YOU VOTE FOR THAT BIGOT YOU PIECE OF WHITE TRASH HE'S GONNA DISCRIMINATE ALL OF US HOW COULD YOUJDLKFADFLKSAFJADKFJADS;LFJAKFUEORAJFDJALDS. 

If you respect my opinion, I'll gladly respect yours. :)

Who knows? I didn't like Obama, but I gave him a chance and I think he's one of our coolest presidents! Let's just give Trump a chance before we bring out the torches and pitch forks. 


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:woohoo: :party: :iconcakelickplz: !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :iconcakelickplz: :party: :woohoo:

It's November 20th which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team :love:

Birthdays Team
This birthday greeting was brought to you by: KoudelkaW
JJJMadness Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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bunch of smiley faces
     bunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley faces
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stingrayqueen Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017   Traditional Artist
happy birthday!
VectorSigma101 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you!
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