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Sweetie Belle Nightmare Night

By Vectorshy
Sweetie Belle from My little Pony: Friendship is Magic in her Nightmare Night costume.
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1992andbeyond's avatar
I'd like to hear her say 'I want to suck your blood' in her squeaky voice now.
Amelia-Seyruun's avatar
I wonder if Rarity made that costume for her.
Calico-Productions's avatar
My headcannon: Sweetie Bell loves classic monster movies, and finds the monsters cute rather than scary.
GreatTeacherDiCenso's avatar
Who says kids don't have respect for the classics!

Somewhere, Bela Lugosi is smiling!
Thetracker3's avatar
Lol, she makes a better vampire than anyone in the Twilight Saga. I know, that joke has probably been used 10,000 times with pictures of her in her nightmare night costume, but I had to do it, honest!
McLarenMP4-27's avatar
Ah whoa, I didn't know that was Sweetie Belle in that episode. Well, I guess the eyes and white coat give it away... Great job!
AliceHumanSacrifice0's avatar
may I use this for and others like it for making wallpapers, I will credit you
Vectorshy's avatar
Absolutely. You can use them for anything you like. Feel free to edit them as you need as well.
PaperMatt202's avatar
AWWW! ...Those fangs looks a little goofy, though.
McGack's avatar
She really likes my Vein?
TheRandomClassic's avatar
She really likes your vein!
SpikelyWhiplash's avatar
Why does she have buck teeth instead of fangs?
Vectorshy's avatar
It was tough to tell, but it you look very closely at the 1080p version her teeth are rounded instead of sharp. I thought the same thing as you, but decided to stick with the official art.
BB-K's avatar
Count Belle!
MorbidLittleThang's avatar
Although I saw the episode, I don't recall seeing Sweetie Belle. Did she make an appearance or is this just a fan vector? =o
FusionFox's avatar
All 3 of the CMC are in the group with Pinkie.
Bronyboy's avatar
That marshmallow is dressed like a vampire.
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