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Discord - Statue

By Vectorshy
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Discord in stone form from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 2 Episode 01
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I used this vector here: [link]
I hope that's alright with you; if not, please let me know.
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hi there I refrenced this image to make this... [link] hope you dont mind lol although idk why you would object I just wanted to share it with you :D
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I found another statue of Discord, but in a much different pose. Here's the [link] Whoever can distribute this to MLP-Vector Club would do good.
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Make you wonder what he meant by "I don't turn ponies into stone"
did you remember the other statues when he said that?
They represented certain elements. And they were all pony statues save for discord....
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I love this pose, because to me it seems like he was laughing in Celestia's face as she turned him to stone.
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It looks to me like he was singing as he was turned to stone.
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I believe he knew he was going to be turned to stone and wanted to still bring attention to himself, all like "YO GUYS I'M STILL HERE...... just petrified!"
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I don't know why, but this is my favorite Discord position.....
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...and so Discord was to stay as a statue for the rest of eternity, because he couldn't stop singing all the time. Side note: he probably sung so much he was able to get Luna and Celestia mad at him. God, he was probably as annoying as hell back then... >.<
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He Look Like He Was Singing A Song He's Smiling,Mabye He Was Singing It To Celestia? Luna? Idk XD
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Question; once they turned him back into a statue why not just shatter him? Near as I can figure he broke out because the spell on him wore off, so breaking him wouldn't release him. It's doubtful that he'd ever stop being an ass, albeit an entertaining one, so seriously...shatter that crazy freak!

Ok that was my pointless question of the day. As for the artwork itself, spectacular. Just amazing.
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He looks like he is singing, maybe Celestia/Trollestia got jelly because of his awesome singing? :iconcerealguyplz:
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Every time I see this statue when I watch the episode, I ask myself:
"What the h*ll is he singing?"
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Maybe he is singing Discord by eurobeatbrony?
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*dark laugh*..mhmhmehehah
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I love the way he looks like he was in mid song when he was defeated by Celestia and Luna.

... it just makes my head spin imagining what song he must have been singing. I'd love to hear it.

Seeing is how he is the spirit of Discord, which is the opposite of Harmony, I'm sure the song must have been terribly off key with an irregular beat ... and yet strangely AWESOME (because he's just like that).

... I'd REALLY love to hear whatever the heck he was singing over 1,000 years ago ...
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And I'd say more along the lines of this song:
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